InstaPop Mobile Web App Review - Convert Wordpress or HTML site into Mobile App

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This is a review of InstaPop Mobile Web App WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that was just launched today (02/18/2013). Ever wished you could just quickly produce an app to show up your users mobile device where they can quickly launch your website? Well this does just that. This product also adds a cool feature even after they install the icon. Read more below to find out. For a link to the sales page or to find out even more information click the link found at the end of this article.

They have different versions that you can purchase, either a Wordpress plugin or a standalone product. Obviously the Wordpress version is just a standard Wordpress plugin that can be installed like any other normal Wordpress plugin. The standalone product can be installed on HTML sites that have a <head> section (basically any HTML site).

So what does the InstaPop Mobile Web App do?

What this product does is when someone visits your site using a mobile device, your website will display a small drop down box that will ask the user if they would like to install the mobile app for this site. You can set it up for first time visitors will get the message or you can change it so that only returning visitors will get the pop-up box to install the app. The purpose here is to not bother an user for the first time visiting the site and only ask them if they return.

Once the user clicks the box and installs the icon it shows up on their mobile device along with their other apps. You can customize the icon and this product gives you all the different sizes that you need in order to display the proper sized icon for the different mobile formats. Now the neat feature this product gives you over some of the other similar products out there is the option to display a message that shows to users who click on the mobile app icon. You can insert HTML code in here, so you can add a click able link here. You can use this to display an affiliate link or all sorts of avenues for the site to utilize this. For example, say you want to add this to a local business and they are interested in giving users who use this mobile icon a link or a special code to a coupon to the site. They simply need to come in and show the business their coupon link or give them the special code and they will get a discount. Obviously, this is just one example but there are a lot of ideas that could be used here since the message can display HTML code. Also, this isn't a true PUSH NOTIFICATION, but does have it's advantages nether less.

Since InstaPop Mobile Web App is offered for different types (Wordpress or standalone or both) of sites I decided to get the version for both Wordpress and HTML sites. I have a bunch of Wordpress affiliate sites that I think this might be pretty interesting to try out on and see if it gets me a few additional sales. Also, wanted to add a quick mobile icon for my vBulletin forum. I was able to install this for my vBulletin forum fairly quickly. I tested it on my iPad 2 and it worked using my custom icon. Now I just need to customize the startup screen too (which you can do). Installing it on vBulletin I had to edit the headinclude template found in AdminCP. If you need help doing this send me a PM and I'll let you know where I found it.

I think for the price and the unlimited sites you can install this on InstaPop Mobile Web App is definitely worth the price. I hope this helps you whether you need or should get this product, otherwise if you are still on the shelf or want to purchase you should visit the WSO sales page. To go to the WSO please use the link below:

InstaPop Mobile Web App (<--- Click)
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