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A few nights ago I stumbled into a thread on the Warrior Forum advertising a new online system called List Hijack. When I heard the name List Hijack I thought that we were going to grab someones email list and use it for ourselves. As I read more about it and eventually signed up I found out this wasn't "blackhat" or anything at all it's a safe completely "whitehat" system that uses exponential growth. Read on for a full product description and my own review of List Hijack.

To signup for List Hijack go here: List Hijack (it's free right now, just use your REAL email address so you can get the login information).

List Hijack is an online website/software that basically will help you build an internet marketing list quickly while letting others do most of the work for you. We'll get into what exactly that means in a bit. First I wanted to go into a short tangent on why you want to build a list. Building a list is VERY important in internet marketing as this is your own list of users who you can send an email out to at any point. They are all interested normally in the same niche and they seem to convert the best in the internet marketing niche. However, I have known some folks who have large lists in other niches that do quite well but in general the internet marketing niche converts the best. Conversion is the name of the game so if they don't convert then they don't help you any.

List Hijack actually has several different ways you can make money with the system. They are explained below:

Use List Hijack to build your email marketing list 3 times faster than normal
Build a list faster then normal methods and use that list to promote products is the bread and butter of List Hijack. So how does List Hijack help you build a list exponentially faster then normal? It's all in the way the software is setup. Here's how it works. You signup and refer others to your List Hijack URL. On that URL is the squeeze page that converts at around 40% on average (insane I know). The squeeze page is hosted by List Hijack on their servers so there is nothing for you to do here other then share that URL. The visitor puts in their email address and they are added to your list. The system currently supports linking your list with Aweber or GetResponse both of the top list management software sites on the internet today. You can signup for a Aweber account if you don't have one for $1 your first month then it's roughly $20 per month afterwards depending on how many subscribers you have. GetResponse prices are similar as well. So when they signup under your List Hijack account they are automatically added to your Aweber or GetResponse lists.

So how does List Hijack grow your list 3 times faster than normal methods? Your first 3 subscribers won't show up on your list, they go to the person who referred you to the List Hijack URL that you signed up under. After those 3, anyone else you directly refer that signs up under your URL is yours to keep. Here is where your list can grow 3 times as fast. The first 3 referrals of each of the ones you directly signed up to List Hijack are given to you. So for example, you sign up Joe, Bob, and Kate. Joe refers Melissa and John. Bob refers Richard. Kate refers Michael. Well Melissa, John, Richard, and Michael are now all yours. Plus, the first 3 referrals of theirs are now yours. So honestly you could just sign up one person, and that person could sign up three people, and each of those 3 may sign up 3 people. You signed up one person but also received 12 extra. See how it works? If you are still confused please watch the below to get a better visual understanding.

As you can see the list can grow really fast on it's own. Then you can email those subscribers fresh hot new products (with your affiliate link of course) and make quite a bit of money from them.

List Hijack Pro Upgrade

List Hijack PRO allows you to sell PRO upgrades via JVzoo. So here is how it works. You sign up for List Hijack, you'll get an option to upgrade to PRO at that time. You don't have to do it at that moment you can upgrade later from within your List Hijack members area (you'll see a link on the left, click that link). Please understand though depending on how the system is tweaked in the future I wouldn't wait too long to upgrade to PRO.

List Hijack PRO really is a no brainer and here is why. You can earn a ton of commissions using exponential growth. This works slightly different from the way the list building works. The reason it works like this is to give each subscriber immediate commissions for whom they sign up. This helps cover their cost. This gets a little confusing, but bear with me. Please see picture as well but it works like this:

You directly sign up Tom, Sarah, Kim, Tim, Joe, Bob, Max, Ruby. They all upgrade to PRO. You get commissions for Tom, Sarah, Tim, Bob, Ruby plus every single person from thereafter. You get 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th plus anyone else you sign up. By passing on 3 of these sales you can earn a ton of money from whom they refer.

Here's where it gets interesting (and where you can make a ton of money). Joe signs up Customer A, B, C, D, A2, B2, C2, and D2 (we'll just use letters for now to make it easier). They all upgrade to PRO. You'll get commissions for the #2 level for every 3rd, 5th, and 7th sell. So you get 3 extra commissions for every direct person you refer (as long as they refer PRO members too that is). Pro stops here though as JVzoo doesn't allow anything past this level.

So in this example you directly signed up 8 people. One of those 8 directly signs up 8 people. You end up with 8 commissions. But let's see how exponential growth happens here. Say each of those 8 you directly signed up also sign up 8 people each (like Joe) that upgrade to PRO. If that happened, you would end up with 29 total commissions from just directly referring 8 people. See how powerful this can be? If you signed up 100 people and let's say 75% of them sign up 10 each Pro members. So you'll get 97 Pro commissions from whom you directly referred, then 3 each of the 75's members. You would end up with 322 Pro commissions. Even if the PRO commission was just $20 per month then that's $6,440 per month in commissions! See how quick this can add up? Now, I know those numbers are huge and "out of this world" but as you can see the potential is there and it's not so far fetched to reach that number either.

How much is PRO? Well since the price is changing quite a bit over the next few months I won't put it in here but it really isn't much. There is an annual plan and a monthly plan available. The earlier you get in the cheaper it will be that is for sure.
List Hijack PRO commissions are paid through JVzoo so you can sign up for an affiliate account there if you don't already have one for free. All of this is also covered in the manual by the way. JVzoo pays the commissions through Paypal so signup for one of those too if you don't have one already. PRO gives you the potential to make a residual income from List Hijack alone as illustrated above.
People will keep their PRO accounts because they will be making money with their own referrals as well. The more people you directly refer the increased chances you'll get even more PRO accounts. Not everyone will upgrade to PRO, some may sign up for the plain List Hijack and that's it so be sure to refer as many as possible.

One more money making avenue for List Hijack PRO is you can send buyers to your own selected product when they signup. This method allows you to choose a your own custom front end offer to send traffic to. I recommend using an internet marketing related product as these are the niche that would be signing up for this system in the first place. This is completely optional if you want, but it's just another way if you have or want to send visitors to another front end offer then you can certainly do that easily by adding it to your setup in the PRO members area.

Make commission sales from items listed in List Hijack Members area.
In the List Hijack members area there is a spot for products that are rotated out every so often. For all of your subscribers your affiliate code is hard coded in to these products so if they see something they like and purchase one of those items YOU get the commission. You may not make a ton of money from this, but it's another avenue get a few extra dollars in your pocket. Again, the small fee of the PRO upgrade gives you all sorts of ways to make back your money plus a bunch for for doing little extra work.

List Hijack ELITE
This section is coming soon but basically it works like PRO except it goes on for unlimited levels while PRO stops at level 2. Also the commission rate is 100% and it's a $100 / month upgrade but all you need to do is make one sale who continues his / her ELITE status and yours is paid for. All of the details of this type upgrade is being worked out and not currently fully launched at the time of writing this article.

Could this become the most powerful Internet Marketing tool to hit the public arena in a long time? Time will tell but List Hijack sure has the potential. In just a few days I had 7 subscribers from very little effort and this was using their squeeze page hosted on their servers yet they show up on my AWeber list. I absolutely love this system and am very excited about the potential with this product. Since the basic membership is currently free I very much suggest you try it out and see what you think. If you like it then upgrade to PRO as it's discounted heavily right now. Then all you have to do is share and advertise your URL with the world and let others do some work for you.

To signup for List Hijack click here: List Hijack (it's currently free - just use your real email address).
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