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Entering the internet marketing niche is difficult, if you make it difficult. The biggest mistake new marketers make is they underestimate the amount of time it takes to make money online. They buy into the hype used by someone promoting a product or system with tag lines, such as "Make $17,243 in 30 Days Like I Did". This is possible, but usually comes from someone that's already put in years of work to build a massive list.

I didn't have this luxury when I first started and you probably don't either. However, you can still make money online with the secret weapon I will explain below. Understand, you won't make a single dime without putting in the time, taking action and continually refining your methods. Testing and tracking is VITAL to your success online and I urge you to ALWAYS track everything.

The Secret Weapon

It might sound silly and I know many will disagree with me, but I've proven this works. My secret weapon is a combination of traffic exchanges and residual income affiliate programs. Of course, it's a bit more complicated than finding membership products, buying traffic credits and blasting a ton of traffic to your affiliate link. There must be a system in place and as I mentioned above, building a list is how the gurus make a ton of cash very fast.

How to Use the Secret Weapon

1. Use a free guide to build a list

The key to success with traffic exchanges is using a free guide (preferably one teaching how to make money with traffic exchanges) to build your list. With the right guide you will allow someone downloading it, after joining your list, to invest anywhere from $25 to $500 to get their business started. Most people know they will need to invest some money for hosting, a domain name and a few other things.

2. Include residual products and tools within the guide

Including tools and products with a monthly membership, such as hosting, auto responders and upgraded traffic exchange memberships will provide you with the ability to create a residual income. These products and tools won't pay you a ton of cash, up front, but they will pay you a little bit every month. When you get a subscriber to use all or most of them, you can make a nice amount from them every single month instead of just one time. Just make sure the products and tools you recommend make sense with the system.

3. Drive traffic to a squeeze/splash page

Once you have your guide in place, just drive traffic to a squeeze page or splash page with the traffic exchanges. You can do this without spending a dime by surfing for credits or you can buy traffic credits. As your page receives traffic, you will get subscribers and some will take action.

4. Create a follow up email series

Not every subscriber will take action, in fact most won't. However, with a good follow up email series, you will convert more of your subscribers into user. This also gives you the ability to promote other systems paying you residual commissions or other tools as they come out.

Why this System Works so Well

The main reason this system works so well is the low startup cost. With many beginners looking for a way to create a lasting online income, but without the cash to invest, offering a free guide with cheap tools and memberships converts better than expensive systems with traffic exchanges. Most of the tools/memberships are under $20 a month, but when you combine 5 to 25 of these, you can make a good amount from every subscriber taking actions every month.

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