How To Make Money With YouTube - Don't Ignore YouTube Video Marketing

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If you haven't tried it yet, video marketing is hot right now and can be down right addicting. However, if you don't know how to create videos or haven't tried it is it right for you? You bet it is! This is the perfect time to get into video marketing. YouTube is hotter then ever now passing Yahoo in 2011 and is hot on Google's heals as the worlds largest search engine (Consequently they are owned by the same company).

Here are some mind blowing YouTube statistics (taken right off YouTube's page):

  • Every minute, 72 hours of video is uploaded.
  • Every day there is 103,680 hours of video uploaded to Youtube.
  • Every week 725,760 hours of video is uploaded.
  • Almost 3 million hours of video is posted to YouTube every month. Ok so you get the picture, YouTube is growing like crazy.

So why are you not marketing on YouTube at the moment? Why are you ignoring this new craze?

Here are some reasons...

1. I don't know how to make video or it just seems too hard.

YouTube has it's own video creator that you can use for free. Start out with that, get the feel of creating and editing videos. It's free training ! If someone told you that you could make free webpages using their software, host it for free, and if you make any money from visitors purchasing your products you market you get to keep all the proceeds you would be all over it. So YouTube will give you access to their own software for free to create videos (simple videos mind you but they are videos), host the video on their servers, and allow you to put in a link to a website in the description (or on the video itself, but I'll add that to another article later).

2. I don't have any products that would sell through video.

You can market any type of product on YouTube. You can market toilets, to roofing contractors, to the hottest new Clickbank product. Why? Because as almost all of America now has broadband internet connections we love to see things in video. Think about it, if you were to take a training course would you rather see it in video or follow along in a PDF? I think the majority would prefer to see video. So why are you trying to sell items to people on paper? Put it in video!

If you are a member of the Warrior Forum you should also consider paying the cheap fee and being a member of the High Voltage Video Forum on here. It's about the price of a normal WSO and I promise you that you will learn more in that forum then you will learn in any single WSO ever.

Still don't care for making videos? There are a couple new options for you.

You can take already made videos that vendors give you and market their video on YouTube as an affiliate. TubeLaunch is a newly released program to teach you all of the in's and out's of doing this. Check it out by clicking here (ignore the corny sales video, it's a good program). The program was just released less than 30 days ago and has already climbed to 70+ gravity on Clickbank. It contains training videos and documents showing you how to find products on Clickbank, how to grab those videos and upload to Youtube, and then how to edit your videos to get it highly ranked. Please note, this program is geared towards beginners, so if you are an experienced internet marketer with videos then you probably won't get much out of this program. However there is a 60-day money back guarantee so I guess you could try it out first. I created a video on it as well you can check it out here (a more inside look type of video is coming soon so stay tuned for that):

Another option is to have someone make videos for you. A new program launched just recently will create animated videos for you aimed for local marketing. So in other words they'll create an animated contractor video for you to use for yourself. Pretty interesting stuff, it's called Local Animation Domination. You can check out that program by clicking here. It's geared towards local marketing, but I think you can adapt some of their videos for other marketing arenas as well.

So there you have it. Get on board, be a part of the new marketing craze which is video marketing and especially with YouTube.
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