Internet Marketing - Different Forms Of Paid Advertising

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With a steady stream of new traffic, leads, and sales… you can’t go wrong. This is how most of the big name gurus make their money online. They seldom use free marketing, and they invest BIG TIME with their advertising efforts. This is how one marketer can spend 10 hours a day on their internet business, while the gurus spend 4 hours per WEEK on theirs.

It’s all about leverage. You have to make a decision as to how you are going to streamline your business so that you can have more free time to spend with your family and friends - without being a slave to your business. Many online business owners are slaves to their business, because they don’t know how to increase their sales and profits - while living a simple and easy lifestyle.

Does this describe you? Are you working from sun up to sun down to promote your business online? Hopefully you aren’t. You can easily alleviate your efforts with paid advertising. There are so many forms of paid advertising online that you can have your pick at them at will.

One of my favorite paid advertising method is pay per click advertising (PPC). Pay per click is fast and can get you targeted traffic to your site right away. I would suggest that you only use Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. These 2 sites are the biggest players in the pay per click advertising game.

Another way to advertise online is via high traffic websites. You will find that some websites allow for advertising, and they can get you on the home page of their site for a relatively low cost. This is something that you should consider using. Make sure you test and track your subscribers and sales using this technique.

Another way to advertise online is through high traffic blogs. You can find blogs like this on blog directories. Simply find yourself a blog in your niche, check out their blog, see if they have advertising slots, and then pay for the advertising. But before you actually go and pay for the advertising, you will want to do 1 simple step:

You will want to check out their “Alexa” rankings. There’s a website online called “Alexa” that gives you all of the traffic stats that a website is getting right now. If you find a blog and you go to Alexa to check their traffic stats, and it’s ranking is 1,000,000+ or above… don’t advertising on the blog.

You see with Alexa, the lower your rank, the more traffic you are getting. So if you find a blog whose Alexa ranking is 1,000… this is something that you will definitely want to think about advertising on. But because it is a high traffic blog, you may have to pay a big fee just to advertise on their blog. But if your price is good and the product is good and the sales letter is good… you should be good to go.

These tips for advertising online are things that you can do in your spare time. You’ll free up alot of your time; you can get lots of sales; and you may only have to work 4 hours per week. This is something that you will definitely want to do.

Good luck with advertising your website online today.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Randall Magwood is one of the most respected and highly-regarded online marketing experts on the internet. He has a website about internet marketing that helps small business owners learn how to market their business online simply and easily. To learn more, visit here: Internet Marketing Secrets
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