WP Stealth Note Review - New Wordpress Plugin Allows Customized Messages to Visitors

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I was given access to WP Stealth Note, a new Wordpress Plugin created by George Katsoudas. WP Stealth Note is a really neat Wordpress plugin that allows customized messages to come up in a small window once a visitor comes to your site in a non-intrusive manner, increasing sales, and increasing rates of returning visitors. So I thought I would write a review of this plugin and give more detailed information about what this Plugin can do for you.

The creator of WP Stealth Note is George Katsoudas, who has created Wordpress plugins for the last 3 years. He definitely enjoys creating new Wordpress Plugins that will help marketers and he releases plugins that are bug free (wow, that's nice for once). So yes, when you purchase WP Stealth Note, it's not in beta testing, it's a tried and tested plugin that will work for you. His main goal is to release Wordpress plugins that are bug free, adds real value, and that creates happy customers. Rest assured knowing if you purchase a plugin from George, it's going to work and if it doesn't for some odd reason he will get it fixed or promptly refund your purchase.

If you already read this review and want to purchase WP Stealth Note simply click here

The reason George created WP Stealth Note was he wanted to bring a plugin to the masses that would give us marketers an easy customizable way to show messages to our visitors and customers to increase sales and trustworthiness. He was noticing that his Wordpress site visitors were spending just a minute or so on his site then leaving without purchasing. He decided after testing that his visitors only wanted to purchase from a trustworthy source, someone or someplace they were familiar with. He hard-coded a welcome message that popped up when you visited his site with a picture of himself welcoming them to his blog with a link to his most popular products and as you guessed it his sales increased. So he spent 2 months and $2,240 of his own money to work with a programmer to create WP Stealth Note.

So what exactly does WP Stealth Note do? Well, as the name of the plugin implies, it creates a small note/welcome message for your visitors to read in a stealthy sort of way. Basically once you install the plugin, you can customize a message that your visitors will see. The message window pops up from a customized spot on your Wordpress site and then will automatically shrink back down after a certain period of time. Now WP Stealth Note is extremely customizable and that is what I like the most about it. For instance, you can customize WP Stealth Note to appear from the bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left corner of your site. You can customize the message to show up on your homepage, posts, or pages. You can even customize the color of the message headline. So on top of customizing the actual content of the message you can customize almost everything else.

Speaking of customizing the content, WP Stealth Note allows you to add basically anything you want to the message. It uses the normal Wordpress engine to add images, add hyperlinks, or edit text. So in other words, just as you would add an image to your Wordpress posts or pages, you can do the exact same thing here as it uses the same interface. I like the familiarity of this, so if you are comfortable with Wordpress you'll be comfortable with adding whatever you want to WP Stealth Note's customized message box. For example, if you wanted to add a "Hi, my name is Bob, welcome to my site" with a picture of yourself you can do that. If you wanted to add a message that says "Hi, if you like this article then I suggest you opt-in to my list so I can send you information on new products" and then include a link to your opt-in form. You can also add a video as well so the possibilities are endless with what you can do with this plugin.

To see the plugin in action, you can visit the WP Stealth Note demo page here: (WP Stealth Note Demo Blog | This is a private test site)

WP Stealth Note is being sold with a standard license and a developer's license. Developer's license allows you to sell sites with WP Stealth Note installed on it and allows your customers to use WP Stealth Note on up to 3 other Wordpress sites.

I think that WP Stealth Note is a must have if your want to increase conversion rates of your visitors as well as increase the return rate of your visitors to your site. Simply making one extra sale via this plugin once every month or so would easily pay for this plugin on top of increasing the trustworthiness of your site to your visitors.

So what do you get when you purchase? After you purchase, you'll be taken to a site where you can download the plugin, license information, and a simple install guide. To avoid piracy, each copy of the plugin is tagged on-the-fly with a unique id and your IP address is recorded with each download. I actually liked this because for someone to spend thousands of dollars on development of a new plugin and then someone on a forum shares it with hundreds of people this takes away from the creation process. Also developers would have to increase their sales prices to compensate for those who steal the plugin from him.

There is a OTO (One Time Offer) with this purchase, but it's not anything you need to get WP Stealth Note to work it's just a special price for one of George's other plugins he has developed. If you don't want it, simply skip the message and you'll be taken to the download page for WP Stealth Note. The OTO includes a chance to purchase the other plugin's standard or developer's license as well.

When will WP Stealth Note be sold? This plugin will go on sale on Tuesday, March 26th 2013 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. The price will go up with sales so if you want to get the cheapest price possible hop in at this time and purchase it.

How much is WP Stealth Note? It starts at $12 for Standard License and $20 for Developer License. Price will increase with each sale so if you wait for weeks after March 26th it will probably be several dollars more.

Refund Policy? George is offering a 60 day money back guarantee with this plugin. If you don't like it, simply let him know and he'll promptly refund your purchase.

How can I get it? Simply click here to be taken to the WP Stealth Note sales page.
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