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I received access to Tubelaunch a few weeks ago so I wanted to write a review on this new YouTube Video marketing program. Tubelaunch is a new membership site launched on Clickbank in February 2013. It's currently only being sold through Clickbank and will show you how to make money with YouTube.This article will go in depth of what you get with your Tubelaunch membership and my own thoughts on what this program brings to the table and whether it's worth the price of admission or not. Be forewarned, this is a long article!

Learn more or purchase your membership to Tubelaunch by clicking here.

If you are familiar with Clickbank you can skip this paragraph but I wanted to give some more information about what Clickbank is and what to expect. Clickbank is a huge retailer of online digital goods. In other words, specialized ebooks, online membership sites, video help guides, ect are almost all sold through Clickbank. Clickbank handles the transactions and so they provide a secure encrypted sales form so no one can steal your information. You can pay by credit card or through any form of payment that Paypal allows (debit, credit card, Paypal balance, checking accounts). So basically if you can swipe it (or even if you can't) Clickbank will accept it. Every item sold on Clickbank comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You don't have to deal with the vendor to get a refund either, you can request your refund directly through Clickbank. Please keep in mind that your credit card/ bank statement/ paypal will display a charge from or CLKBANK*COM. Ok enough about Clickbank and back to Tube Launch.

So when you purchase your membership to Tubelaunch you'll get in your email your username and password information. Remember this! Also, since this product is being sold through Clickbank you'll be given the Clickbank purchase receipt information. Save this as well just in case if you have issues with the membership. I'm not sure how many times I have received emails from customers asking me what their Clickbank receipt number is. If you ever need to email Tubelaunch support their email address is . Please utilize this if you need help from their support staff about anything.

Once you log in to Tubelaunch you'll get their "Tubelaunch Recent News". Check this out every few weeks. They plan on updating you on what's going on, issues that members are having and how to solve them, and basically new stuff they are adding to the program. Speaking about adding new stuff to their program, remember, they have only launched this program less than 30 days ago at the time this article was written. They are adding more and more techniques and different ways to do certain things all the time. Tubelaunch is set up for growth, this isn't a completed program and never will be. They will change as needed and give you the information you need to update your techniques.

The whole premise of Tubelaunch is to teach you how to use Clickbank and YouTube to earn commissions. You need Clickbank as they have a huge marketplace of products you can market, otherwise known as being an affiliate for. You can open a Clickbank affiliate membership for free, and you just need to setup the payment information so they can pay you. They can pay by either direct deposit or check and depending on your commission threshold they can pay you weekly.

You need YouTube because it's the #1 video website online. It's also the #2 search engine. You can find videos about almost any subject on there. The good thing is YouTube videos will show up in Google searches. So if you search for "weight loss" you'll see a few YouTube videos on the first page. People love watching video and will click on the video and these videos will have a link in them most likely selling a product of some sorts. This is how Tubelaunch works and this is what they preach.

Tubelaunch is separated by chapters. These chapters aren't just a bunch of written text. It's all video telling you what you need to know and demonstrating what they preach all in each video. The Chapters range from the Start Here section including "Introduction", What is Clickbank", and "Choosing Vendors". Once you get through that section there is another section called Take Action. There are several chapters here including "Downloading Videos" to "Optimizing Details". There are several more chapters but we won't give away everything here. Basically this section will teach you the meat and potatoes of what Tubelaunch is all about. The next section is called "Bring The Views" with several chapters that show you how to get your video ranked highly on YouTube and get to get the most out of each video you upload.

Here's an exclusive Tubelaunch Members Area Preview Video that I created:

There is also a community forums which in it's current state isn't much however they are planning on completely redoing this section and making it much more community oriented. This is where you can go to ask a question and get free help from other Tubelaunch members or support staff. Remember, this is a new program, not many questions have been posted, and this section is under construction.

So is Tubelaunch worth it? That question is up to you. If you have never tried video marketing, this provides an easy way to learn the basic steps that video marketers are using. They also have some more advanced programs they are selling to help jump start your affiliate commissions that they will sell to you as OTO's (One Time Offers). I didn't purchase those so I cannot tell you exactly what they offer however I have emailed the Tubelaunch creator to see if he can explain these to me. His description of the upsells are listed below so you know if the upsells are worth it or not.

When you purchase Tubelaunch you'll get 2 upsells options (not required). One for $47 and one for $147. Now the good thing is neither of these two items is required to make Tube Launch work. These are extras that you can add to your online money making arsenal if you so choose. Upsell #1 is access to another program called Survey Launch. This program will give you an updated database of companies that will pay you to take surveys. If you purchase this product with Tubelaunch you'll be able to navigate to Survey Launch from your Tubelaunch membership. So you just have to log in to Tubelaunch and in addition to the normal member information on how to make money with YouTube by uploading videos you'll have another menu option that you can select to go to Survey Launch. Upsell #2 is $147 and is an online video course with over 40 videos that teachs you from scratch how to make money online. It teaches you basically every little thing you would ever need to know. How to pick your niche, create a website, create a product, create a sales latter, launch your product, recruit affiliates, sell your website, etc etc. So basically the $147 course takes you far beyond what Tubelaunch focuses on and gives you all the information you need to succeed.

Tubelaunch is currently selling for only $34, which honestly I think is worth it if you have never tried video marketing and/or never tried affiliate marketing with Clickbank. This will save you lots of hours trying to figure this out. Also, some other members of the Warrior forum have sold similar programs for about the same price but support is not there for buyers months afterwards and these programs don't usually contain this much information. Remember Tubelaunch comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as well.

Learn more or purchase your membership to Tubelaunch by clicking here

I hope this Tubelaunch review and in-depth article helps you understand what Tubelaunch is all about. So if you have ever wondered how to make money on YouTube you may want to give Tubelaunch a try.
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