List Hijack Overview - The Ultimate New List Building System For 2013

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If you haven’t heard of it yet, List Hijack is a brand new list building system that will be going live soon. List Hijack will change the way you view list building as it’s a way for you to build lists differently then anything you ever heard of before. If you read this before the launch, then you are in for a pleasant surprise as the basic membership is FREE or very cheap (explained below).

So what is List Hijack? List Hijack is a new list building system developed by an internet marketer himself, Greg Hager. Greg was tired of spending months on end trying to build an internet marketing list with conventional methods. You see, there are many common ways you can build your internet marketing list and Greg had exhausted them all. He knew there had to be a better and faster way to build an internet marketing list. If you aren’t sure what an internet marketing list is, please see our other article here detailing what it is and why you should have it. Greg spend several years developing a new system that had yet been tried, and this new system will soon be released to the public.

So basically List Hijack is an online system that allows you to build your list 3 times faster than normal. How does it do this? Well let’s break it down for you. List Hijack provides a unique squeeze page for you to use to build your subscriber base. So you don’t have to fool around with learning how to build a good squeeze page, as List Hijack has already done this for you. The squeeze page it provides converts really well and it’s hosted on it’s own servers so all you have to do is sign up for List Hijack and it automatically creates this unique squeeze page for you. You’ll see your unique squeeze page URL once you sign up, it’ll be found in your members home page.

As members sign up through your unique squeeze page, they’ll be added to your List Hijack subscriber base. They’ll also be added to your AWeber or Get Response list. You can link your AWeber or Get Response account to your List Hijack account. It’s easy. All you have to do is create a new list in AWeber or Get Response and then supply that information to your List Hijack account settings. Now, as members sign up for List Hijack, they’ll also be added to your AWeber or Get Response lists. You are now building a professional internet marketing list!

------->To signup for List Hijack Click Here

Now, here is where List Hijack really has a jump on the competition and also how it can help you build your list 3 times faster then conventional methods. As you get people to sign up through your List Hijack unique URL, you’ll send a maximum of 3 people up to the person who referred you to List Hijack (or if no one did they’ll be sent up to the AUTOPILOT pool, more on that later). So say you referred 10 people to List Hijack directly. You keep 7 of them and other 3 go to someone else. This helps you because those 7 people will each refer up to 3 people to you. So out of those 7 people they can also get you 21 subscribers on their own. See how it works? What if you referred 100 people? They can get you 300 more so you end up with 397 subscribers out of referring 100 people directly. Pretty neat huh?

If this wasn’t enough, there are also a few other List Hijack membership levels called PRO and AUTOPILOT. With a PRO upgrade, you can also receive commissions from people signing up for PRO accounts. It works similar to the way you get subscribers. You give up 3 of your commissions in return each of the people you refer can get you 3 commissions. So in our example above if you referred 100 people, and say somehow they each signed up for a PRO account then you’ll get 97 commissions and each of those can give you 3 commissions providing you a maximum of 397 commissions! Now the PRO account price is being adjusted so I’m not sure exactly what the price will settle as but if the commission was $20 each, that would bring you almost $8,000 total! This gives List Hijack a huge advantage over other list building systems.

The other List Hijack membership upgrade is called AUTOPILOT and this is where the system will give you subscribers without any effort (this is on top of everything else). So say someone signs up for List Hijack, they weren’t referred by anyone to the system. They are put into a pool for AUTOPILOT members and shared out. So say 100 people sign up for List Hijack and aren’t referred then those 100 are sent out to AUTOPILOT members. This method will give you subscribers instantly. Once List Hijack launches and they have hundreds signing up this can really give you daily subscribers on AUTOPILOT. Hence the name of the membership upgrade.

So how much does List Hijack cost? Prices are being adjusted and the prices after launch will most likely increase in time so I hate to specify a number here. However, it launches soon, and if you read this before it launches I totally recommend you jumping on as the basic membership is FREE (or extremely cheap) and the PRO and AUTOPILOT upgrades are being offered with deep discounts. So it’s a great time to jump in before it launches and get those cheap prices and upgrades now. There are annual and monthly prices for PRO and AUTOPILOT upgrades and as you’ll see the annual price is the best deal but the monthly price is offered at a price that it allows you to start out on a smaller budget if needed.

If you aren’t hyped up yet for List Hijack you should be. Jump aboard now and get in on the discounted prices. This will help you build a very powerful and responsive list easily and quicker then ever before (and you can make quite a bit of money along with it with the membership upgrades). Check out List Hijack now by clicking here.
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