Tips For Getting Traffic & Testing Your Google Adsense Themed Site

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If you currently have google adsense on your website but aren't earning as much money as you would like, then you should know that the bottom line is traffic and click through rates. Traffic is the lifeline of any internet business, and without it you're destined to remain a broke marketer. So it's important that you get as much traffic as possible, in addition to having a high click through rate for your google adsense ads.

In addition to traffic, where you strategically place your adsense ads makes a difference also. Typically ads found throughout the body of your content work well for generating clicks, so you should try this strategy today. Also, you will want to test whether graphic or text ads work best, or if a combination of the two brings you the most revenue.

To get search engine traffic, you will want to optimize your website for the search engine. You have to do keyword analysis and research in order to get the maximum results from your efforts. This is called search engine optimization (or SEO) and is very important to the success of your website.

When figuring out the proper keywords to use for your site, you will want to employ the use of Google's free keyword suggestion tool. With this tool, you can find non-competitive keywords to focus your website around.

You want to make sure that they are terms that people are searching for but also aren't terms that are highly-competitive. When you focus your site around a particular keyword, the chances of your site ranking high for this term will increase and you will receive relevant google adsense ads because of it.

To increase your adsense income, it's best to have alot of web pages that relate to a similar topic. The more web pages you have, the more likely someone will find you and click on the ads on your website. As I mentioned before, you will want to test to see if image ads are better than text ads for you, as either one could dramatically increase your adsense income.

You will also want to test the different google adsense formats that are available for you to use. The most popular formats are the 300x250 medium rectangle, the 160x600 skyscraper, and the 336x280 large rectangle. All 3 of these formats are proven to get you the most clicks, so you should implement them accordingly.

All 3 of these formats are available in both the text and image ads, so you will want to test which ones are the most effective for you. One place that you should always place your google adsense ads is at the bottom of an article or news story. This is where most people tend to look after they finish reading a news piece, so you should position your ads here for the most exposure.

You should also test the colors of your ads also. It's best to make your adsense ads blend with the rest of your website as opposed to having different colors for different ad formats. But once again, you should test to see which is best for your site, and which one earns you the most money.

All of the tips in this article should be considered when implementing google adsense on your website. Good luck with your website promotion and earning more money with google adsense.

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