3 Tips For Recruiting Affiliates To Signup To Your Affiliate Program

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If you want to signup new affiliates to your affiliate program, you have to be a bit unconventional in your approach. You can't just setup your affiliate page on your website and hope for people to come. You have to be active in your approach and find ways to get people to your website. There are a number of ways that you can do this, and this is what this article will focus on today.

Inside of this article, you will learn little-known ways to build awareness about your product and how to get it recognized and noticed by affiliates of all sorts. Here's the first thing that you will want to do to get exposure to your affiliate program.

1) Have an email newsletter

No one will signup to your affiliate program if they don't feel your information is good. To let people know that what you're offering is legit and good to go, you should offer your own email newsletter. Your own email newsletter allows you to establish credibility for yourself all while helping to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

When you publish your own email newsletter, some people will like your advice so much that they will approach you personally to be signed up to your affiliate program. You will want to refer these people to your website so that they can signup there. Here's another thing that you can do.

2) Contact affiliates individually

Contacting affiliates individually is a tedious way to go about promoting your affiliate program but is effective for getting super affiliates to signup to your offer. I see this done all the time in the affiliate circles, and you can do the same thing to get awareness to your product. To do this effectively, you will want to start by examining how the top players in the affiliate game are, and approach them directly. One way to find out who's doing things the best is to take a look at the leader boards.

Analyze who's at the top or who the top 10 are, and visit their websites to contact them directly. This is a great way to get top sellers to promote your product for you. Here's something else that you can do to get people to sign up to your affiliate program.

3) Join Clickbank and Paydotcom

Clickbank and Paydotcom are two affiliate marketplaces that are very well known in the world of affiliate marketing. Joining these 2 sites will open up the door to more exposure and will get you the affiliates you need to boost your product sales. Clickbank has a $50 fee but once your product is listed it's in there forever.

Paydotcom is free to join but your product doesn't get listed into the marketplace until 1 sale has been made. If you want to find new affiliates for your products, then you will want to join these 2 sites.

Something similar along these lines that you will want to list your product in are affiliate directories. These directories are places affiliates go to promote the next greatest product. You will want to list your products here also to get exposure and to get more affiliates to signup to your program.

Good luck with signing up new affiliates to your affiliate program.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Randall Magwood is one of the most respected and highly-regarded online marketing experts on the internet. He has a website about internet marketing that helps small business owners learn how to market their business online simply and easily. To learn more, visit his website here: http://www.internetmarketing-rules.com
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