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iamnotfrankkern 21st May 2013 02:15 AM

Make Money Online - Using Social Media to Make Affiliate Commissions
Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest, and perhaps, easiest ways to make fast cash commissions online. And just like any other forms of marketing, learning how affiliate marketing works is vital to optimizing your profits. As an affiliate marketer, you can give the products or services you are promoting a big boost through the use of powerful social media tools. These tools can help you get the results you want in a relatively shorter period of time.

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The largest and most popular social networking sites today are the major arenas in social media marketing. Though most marketers are aware of the potentials of these sites, many businesses still have not given it a shot. Capitalizing on the vast potentials of social media can help you make significant fast cash commissions in no time.

For example, having an account with social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to create a lot of business contacts. If you have a very good grasp on how these sites work, you can make hundreds or even thousands of potential new clients see your business or the affiliate products you are promoting.

Take Twitter for example. As it involves using things like hashtags and keywords, among others, you must learn how to use them to your advantage. Learn how you can propagate your message to as many leads as possible. Tools like Tweepi and Twellow also help you find users belonging to your target demographic.

It is also necessary to engage your social media followers in active conversations. Use these conversations to get feedback and find out what your clients like and dislike about the affiliate products you are promoting; and use the information to make the necessary adjustments or moves.

To maximize your marketing efforts using social media, you need to create useful links that bind your different accounts or sites together. For instance, if you have a popular feed on Twitter, link it back to your blog, and then to Facebook and your other social media accounts. Each of these sites should have links to one another. In your Twitter profile, you can add your URL, Facebook, and blog. Doing this can help increase your potential customer base, and ultimately bring in more fast cash commissions to your bank account.

As social media increasingly becomes an integral part of the way businesses reach out to their customers, it is important to know why it has become so. If you do not integrate social networking to your entire marketing plan, you will arguably miss out on a lot of opportunities for fast cash commissions.

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