How To Get Your Direct Mail Envelopes Opened And Read

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Setting up a direct mail campaign is one thing but actually getting them opened is another. Believe it or not, your prospect actually throw out alot of the mail that they get on a daily basis, and yours could be one of them if you don’t follow the tips listed in this article.

In this article, we will take a look at some ways to get your direct mail envelopes and packages open so that you can maximize that response rate from your offers. All of these tips are tested and proven so you can lay rest assured that they will work for you.

The first thing that you have to ensure when doing direct mail is that your package will get delivered. If this sounds ludicrous, then it’s understandable - but it is a true fact. You have to focus on getting your mail delivered or else the mailman will through it out.

The bottom line is that the mailman has a choice. He can either deliver all of his mail or deliver the most relevant ones and through the bulk mail out. Which one do you think he chooses? That’s right, the latter one. The fact of the matter is that when his mail sack gets full, he is going to shorten his work load by not delivering all of his mail.

This means alot to you if you do direct mail and are sending your letters via bulk mail. You should never send via bulk mail as bulk rate is the dumpster rate. You have to first get your envelope past the mailman and after you do that, you have to then get your targeted prospect to open it also.

To do both of these things successfully, you should mail your letters out using first class mail. Use a live stamp and don’t use any kind of labels whatsoever. You’re going for the best possible response rate here and you don’t want to blow it on sending out your mail via bulk mail.

When you use a real live stamp, you better your chances of success because you’re giving it your best shot. The mailman will view your letter as a personal letter because you took the time to put a stamp on it, therefore you will increase the odds of getting it delivered successfully.

You also increase the chances of your recipient opening your mail because it looks personal and looks as if there’s something important inside. But when you mail out a brochure or a self-mailer, people view this as non-relevant and throw them out almost unconsciously.

Your mail has to get the attention of your prospect and get them to open up your letters. When you send out an envelope that has a live stamp and the prospect’s name is written in blue ink, you give the appearance of a personal message and your prospect will open it up because of it.

Never again send out an envelope that screams junk mail. It’s the fastest way to get your marketing message ignored and to lower your conversion rates. Good luck with implementing your direct mail campaigns.

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