2 Ways To Get Traffic To The Information Product You Are Selling Online

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To sell information products online, you have to be diligent. You have to stick to your marketing strategy and believe that it will work for you. Hopefully you are operating in a niche market as this is the best way to go. When you operate in a niche market, you face very little competition for the product that is being sold. This means that the niche won’t be as trained as other highly competitive niches, and you will increase your chances of success.

You can use Google’s free keyword tool to find out information about a niche. You can see how big it is, how many people are searching for what you are selling, and even see how competitive it is. Hopefully you can optimize your website around a keyword phrase and sell your information products accordingly.

After you have figured out your niche and what you want to sell, you will want to get traffic to your website. There are a ton of ways to get traffic to your website but this article will focus on some that have been proven to work time and time again. Here’s the first way to get traffic that doesn’t fail.

1) Video marketing

You can use video sites such as You tube and Google Video to drive tons of traffic to your website. This is a free way of marketing your products and sometimes it can even be better than paid advertising. When creating your videos, you will want to make sure that you put your website information at the bottom of your video. People will manually type in your web address to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Video marketing is huge right now and you will want to be sure to get on this wave also. Here’s another great marketing strategy that you can use to get traffic to your website.

2) Article marketing

Article marketing is a fantastic way of targeting your customers and getting traffic to your website. What you do is write 300-500 word articles on a particular subject and submit them to the popular article directories. These directories get tons of traffic everyday and you will be sure to benefit from all of the traffic that they get. Here’s my top 5 directories that I submit to.

- EzineArticles.com
- goarticles.com
- articledashboard.com
- articlesbase.com

All of these websites get tons of traffic on a daily basis and you will be sure to benefit from the traffic that they are getting. When writing your articles, you will want to make sure that they are of high quality. You get to promote your website in the “author byline” of your article so use this section for promotion only. Don’t use your article as an opportunity to sell something. This is the fastest way to get ignored.

Both of these methods of getting traffic are very effective and useful if you put them to work. Be sure to start using them today so that you can get traffic to your information product website.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Randall Magwood is one of the most respected and highly-regarded online marketing experts on the internet. He has a website about internet marketing that helps small business owners learn how to market their business online simply and easily. To learn more, visit his website here: http://www.internetmarketing-rules.com
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