6 block Formula for Positive Outcome from an Internet Business

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Want to learn the method to start an internet business in light fastening way. You will take less then a week to get started and explode the profit out of your internet business. You just have to apply 6 block formula.

You need to be passionate and determined to do your job. You have to live by never-given-up attitude. I will give you step by step tutorial.

Step 1 - Make a Squeeze Page

The ultimate aim of this page is to collect the leads. Your visitor will sign up through this page and you will continue with your follow-up technique with that visitor. You have to provide them some free gifts in return of their signing up.

You can gift them anything such as a video, free repot, or an e-book. Just bribe them, once they get themselves to your follow up technique then your half work is done. With the follow up system give them offers and sell your product.

Step 2 - Setting Up an Auto-responder System

You need to have an auto-responder account. You just need to make an attractive e-book for 6 to 10 days which will educate your visitor about your selected niche.

It is extremely important to give quality content to your e-book because only by reading the content given in e-book your visitor will make an impression of yours. This e-book can make you an expert or an amateur in the eye of your visitor.

Step 3 - Try to Attract the Loads of Traffic

Put all your hidden potential to get the traffic to the above discussed squeeze page. Sources which will lead to plenty of traffic are given below.
1. Search engines like Google etc.
2. Articles.
3. Pay per click.
4. Discussion forum.
5. Ezines
6. Newsletters.

As soon as you attract the traffic they will go to the squeeze page. Now they will give their email and name. And now it is the work of an auto-responder which will follow your visitor with an e-book.

Step 4 - Building Credibility

Building of your credibility is very important. Try to make strong relationship with your customer. Once you are done with this, they will start respecting you as a master and a good human being.

Step 5 - Selling of the Products

Once you have been proven by your credibility, your customer will start trusting you.
Now your last work is to send them decent offers and let them buy something or the other from you which will let you make some money.

Sell them affiliate products, own products, link them to your other site. Try to do anything which will lead you do make money.

Step 6 - Conversion Tracking

Track down all the conversion ratios related to your website, lead, sales etc. you should have proper records of all your conversion ratios. Also have records on return on investment ratio of your particular product. Track down the profit you are making on single lead.

By this you can expand your business quickly and easily. Try to use this 6 block magic formula and send me your feedback. And I am sure that I will get positive feedback.

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Let's understand how do i start a online business in 4 simple steps.
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