Benefits Of Selling On Clickbank – For Vendors

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Have you ever heard of the affiliate marketplace called “Clickbank”? It’s an online entrepreneur’s dream. You get to start your own online business quickly, without creating a website, a product, or doing any copywriting work. This is something that you should look into if you’re looking to get started online.

Clickbank is mostly a place where affiliates go to promote a new product, or to continue marketing a product that is already successful. There are a ton of products on this site to promote, so it’s easy to go into a small niche and dominate right away. But on the flip side of this, it’s also great for being a vendor too.

As a vendor, you get to list your product on Clickbank, and the affiliates there will come and promote your product for you. This is a “give and take” strategy. For each sale that an affiliate generates for you, you have to give them a commission of the sale. Typically, the average commission rate that people will go for is 50%.

So if you sell some kind of product for $20, for every sale that an affiliate gets for you, you will only have to pay them $10 (50%). Plus, you get access to the customer’s information – which means you can implement backend marketing and get repeat sales from your customers.

Now it’s not all sweets and roses here. Sadly, most of the affiliates that promote your product will never promote it in the right way to get sales for you. Because of this, (in truth)… only 10% of your affiliates will make the most sales for you. So if you have an affiliate base of 500 affiliates… expect only 50 of these affiliates to be the bread winners for your product.

This is just the math, and you have to roll with the numbers. It’s good if you can provide your affiliates with marketing tools and materials that will make promoting your product very easy. So when you go to Clickbank and promote your product, keep this in mind – and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get sales immediately.

Now with Clickbank, they have a 60 day money back guarantee. So if someone wants a refund of your product, make sure it’s within the 60 day period, and just refund their order. Don’t be stingy with the sale – there will be more to come. Just issue the refund and move on.

If you continue to get refund after refund after refund… then it’s time to check your product to see what the problem is. Also, there are some people online who will refund your product just for general purpose. So far there isn’t a way to block people from certain areas around the world from buying your product. But if you take a look at something called “EasyClickMate”, this feature can be enabled for you.

These tips for selling successfully with Clickbank are things that you will want to consider when selling online. Be sure to do your best.

Good luck with using Clickbank in your business.

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