Low Cost Business Startups - 4 Simple Steps to Start Making Money

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What if you discovered Low cost business start ups which are easy, not time consuming and very economical? Do you want to know there are many options for business in regards to low cost business startups the only requirement is your creativity and skills.

The purpose of this article is to show Low cost business start ups which have no startup costs at all but only any licensing requirements that may be required by your city or state. Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 - Manage social networks

Low cost business start ups requires combining your little creativity with the resources and skills you already have. You can start up your business from today by managing social networks for local businesses. Today, Social networking is essential for all the types of businesses. You can negotiate a monthly management fee for this type of service you provide to your client.

If you know your way around the likes of Twitter, Facebook etc, you can get started up by providing your skill to local businesses by managing their social networks on this site. You need to develop and maintain a presence on major social media networks, increase their followers and regularly update their networks with news and information.

Step 2 - Provide secretarial support

One of the Low cost business start ups idea is providing secretarial support for the company's who cannot afford a full time paid secretary. All businesses require occasional secretarial support.

If you possess reasonable clerical skills, you could outsource yourself by offering secretarial support to this type of businesses. You can offer telephone answering service or just add in a skype number.

Step 3 - Use your writing skill

If you are good in a particular subject or have full knowledge on a particular topic according to your interest you can just share that online and start making money by authoring an EBook. Internet always requires new and good content. You can write blogs and make money by writing articles online.

You also have an option to sell your work on freelance writing sites or if you have a specialty subject, you can approach website owners directly. You get paid usually per article or hourly basis. If a particular client likes your work, they may pay you a retainer.

Step 4 - Become a Genealogist

You can work as a genealogist if you enjoy doing research as it is also a low cost business start up. It would involve researching lost ancestors, compiling family trees and tracking down missing people.

According to where you live you may need to be licensed in order to act professionally. You will find many genealogical and ancestry sites online that can help with your research, though you will still need to do some legwork of your own.

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