A $100 A Day Isn't As Hard As You Think It Is!

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In fact even making $1000 a day isn't hard once you have the right systems in place.

About 3 years ago I remember landing on this forum in pure aww at all the money people were making(or claiming to make).

Later I was frustrated from spinning my wheels and buying WSO's and not knowing where to start.

Finally I decided to focus on one thing and surround myself with mentors and the right people that could help me get to where I wanted to be.

Just like you should as well.

You see most people spend years wasting time buying product after product, following the wrong people and never end up making any money.

But.....before we really get into that let's talk about what it takes to create a profitable business online that doesn't require you to work endless hours and have time freedom to do the things you really want to.

You ever wonder why the people making all the money seem to be working the least?

It's because they have systems in place and their money works for them.

So what will it take you to do this?

You Need To Build Your Email List

I failed at this from the start and even though I made money I never built my list. This was later a huge mistake once I realised the kind of money I could make from building a targeted email list of people interested in what I had to offer.

Why on vacation I decided I wanted to launch a coaching offer on a whim to pay for my vacation and have some money to go in the bank.

I was able to do $10k in under 24hrs time.

See the importance of building your list?

You Need To Promote The Right Products

Most newbies make the mistakes of promoting low ticket products and giving their list away for a more experience marketer to make all the profits.

When you mail for other people you just killed your list. If you want to make big money you need to promote your own products or products with big commissions and keep people in your funnel.

I only promote products that allow me to make recurring income.

The reason for this is it's easier to scale your business when you know you have a set amount coming in every month. If you promote one time commission products you have to work just as hard every month.

I work when I want to and don't depend on making sales.

Next I only promote products that have a low, mid and high ticket product. You need a good sales funnel in place if you want to make big money. With the right funnel, $100 a day is a small amount.

Cut Out All The Hype

The next key to building a successful business is being transparent. I've built my business on helping people and not trying to over hype everything and I lead with value.

This isn't hard and I can teach you this.

Consistent Action

If you want to get results and fairly quick you need to put in the work. I won't sit here and lie to you and tell you push magical buttons and make tons of money.

My coaching students who follow my advice make good money, the ones who try to get by doing nothing don't.

There will always be a small portion of people who make money in this industry because most people don't apply themselves.

If you're ready to create a real business then click below.

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