How To Take Your Business From Nothing To $100 A Day In 60 Days

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Online business is not as tough as most people make it out to be, but the problem is they end up with information overload.

The follow the wrong mentor, they promote products that make them tiny commissions, they don't stay focused in one direction and they end up ready to quit.

But.....If you stay focused with everything you have in one direction and focus on one system then you can go from nothing to making good money online.

I've done it, my coaching students have done it and so have thousands of other people online.

So what do you need to do to scale your business from nothing to $3000 in 60 days?

Promote The Right Products

Most people on this forum promote wso's because everyone else does it. I started out that way, but once I realised there is a better way to make money without having to work as hard as everyone else does I dumped promoting small commission products.

You need to find a product with recurring income- When you promote products with passive income you can scale your business fast. Every single month you simply focus on selling more products and your income goes up.

When you promote products with one time commissions you have to sell the same amount of products every month just to make your previous months income, but when you sell products with recurring income you now have leverage.

Build Your List & Do It Right Now

If you're not building your email list you're leaving a ton of money on the table.

I made this mistake when I started and I would shoot myself in the foot if I could. When you have a targeted email list of people interested in what you have then you now have money on demand.

I can send out an email and make money anytime I want. Without a list you don't have a real business.

Be everywhere your audience is

You need to be on Facebook, youtube, forums and everywhere your audience is. You will pull leads from each source and eventually you will get people who see you everywhere and want to know who you're and what you do.

Once I started using the power of Facebook and Youtube my business expanded. I now have 3 email lists.

If they don't see my email they will see my video, if they don't see my video they will see me on facebook.

I have 3 points of contact to get in touch with people on my list.

Finding The Right Mentor

When I started out I followed the wrong people and it caused me to fail longer than I needed to.

They didn't teach me the important aspects to running a business, they didn't show me the right things to do and they didn't even make much money themselves.

If you're not making the money you want, what you need to do is click the link below and find out how you can get my $2000 coaching for FREE!

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