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What if you discovered simple tips on starting an online business? Do you want to know tips on starting an online business in just 4 simple steps?

The purpose of this article is to make you understand few tips on starting an online business which will make you set your business with correct and realistic mindset and achieve success. Even I used the same formula which made me achieve success.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1) Focus on your plan

My tips on starting an online business would include the first step as focusing on your business. You need to have a clear mindset before starting an online business. You should avoid being information overload and just focus on your business. Make a business plan and just focus on taking things till end. The power of focus will help you avoid getting diverted by any other sales pitch.

Step 2) Think for your subscribers

My tips on starting an online business includes you to make your own product as this will make you earn more profit and also you will be able to know your product better. You can start earning as an affiliate but avoid that if you can make your own product. After that just make your website such that you can drive targeted traffic on your website. Put all your efforts in driving traffic on your website. Build a list of your subscribers and start communicating with them in order to gain their confidence in you.

Step 3) Make this 3 things your habitual action

My tips on starting an online business includes list of 3 things which I personally did in order to succeed online and also earned a lot of customer's confidence.

1. 60% time should be spent in focusing to drive traffic to your website. Create things and do advertisements etc to drive traffic to your website.

2. 20% time should be put in creating email and shooting them up to your subscribers, communicating with them regularly. It will create a good rapport between you and your subscribers and they will in return buy your product as per your recommendation.

3. 20% time put in creating products for your list of subscribers. Creating your own product will enable you achieve a huge amount of revenue out of it.

Step 4) Test your website

Create your own profit pulling website in your niche with your products and get tested thoroughly so that you are aware of your return on investment of time, efforts and money. If it is working positively for you start increasing the speed of your action and make money. If it is not working reconsider your decision of going on in that business. If it is making profits make sure you re-invest your profits back in your website which will make more money in future.

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After knowing what online business to start just be ready to earn some passive income.
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