The Two-Headed Monster Leading to Internet Marketing Success

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We all need leads, whether it's people joining our network marketing team or visitors turning into customers. However, most new and even some veteran internet marketers go about getting their leads in the wrong way.

In the ages of instant gratification, beginners buy into products promising huge results in 30 days or less. Is it possible to get results that fast? Sure, however, the results may be short-lived.

Combining two strategies to give you a sustainable source of traffic and some instant gratification will allow you to build your online business fast. This isn't a way to get free leads and only free leads, but it is a way to build your business fast and sustain it for many years.

Avoid the Short Cuts

Before we get into the two-headed marketing monster, we need to get one thing clear. Shorts cuts are a waste of your time and DON'T lead to success. Just ask any of those watching their websites go from a full-time income to nothing or very little overnight when Google changed the game.

They were using SEO short cuts to get fast results, but the strategy didn't allow for any type of sustainable traffic. Once Google figured out the loophole and made changes, their ranking went from first page to non-existent. you can avoid this type of pitfall by skipping the short cut strategies promising super-fast results.

Gaining Traffic and Leads Fast

It doesn't matter what you're selling, you need traffic and leads to make money online. Getting traffic to your website fast is an important part of the two-headed marketing monster. However, you won't get this traffic without investing some cash into your business.

Paying for traffic through PPC (Google, Facebook, etc.) is one of the best ways to gain targeted leads fast. You must look at it as spending money to make money and if you spend $20, which leads to profits of $30, you really aren't spending money. Other great paid strategies include:
  • Solo Ads
  • Traffic Exchange Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Paid Tweets
  • YouTube Ads
  • Paid Classified Ads
  • And Many More!

Start with just one paid method and as you grow, you can add more. It's a good idea to test a few paid advertising methods to figure out which one works the best for you.

Sustaining Your Business for the Long-Term

The absolute best way to build a sustainable online business is with content. Content marketing is one of the most popular, yet neglected strategies online and it's free. Of course, you can pay a writer to help, which makes it easier, but if you want to do the writing yourself, this method is 100% free.

Content marketing can be as simple as blogging or writing articles you submit to directories. You can use press releases, guest blogging and any other type of content strategy. The content doesn't even have to be in written form. You can do videos instead or even podcasts. No matter how you go about creating your content, it will bring you traffic for the long-term.

Blogging is one of the best ways to use content marketing, but you HAVE to blog at least once per day. Imagine if you blogged every day for three years, you'd have over 1,000 blog posts all generating you traffic. Even if each post only found you one visitor per week, you'd still get over 1,000 people to your blog/website every week. For most marketers, consistently getting 1,000 visitors per week would make a huge difference.

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