Avoiding the Negativity And Moving Forward

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When you decide you're going to run an online business of any sort, there's a certain amount of negativity you must deal with as you move forward. Some will not understand what you're doing and even the most viable business will be called a "scam."

There are many that don't get it and this is part of deciding to go against the grain and start something online from home. Working from home has many benefits and causes quite a bit of jealousy when you find success. This will also lead to negativity because some of your family, friends and passers by, wish they had the guts to do what you're doing.

Getting Past the Negativity

The easiest way to avoid the negativity is not talking about your business. However, this goes against many business 101 strategies, which tell you to advertise your business to everybody. You don't have to convince everybody your business is for them, but you do want to be able to talk about it.

Many beginners online will get excited, tell someone what they are doing and get shut down. This can change their opinion and belief in what they are doing quickly. Avoiding this isn't easy, but understanding some people won't understand or think what you're doing is a good idea, will help you expect the negativity.

What to do When Someone is Negative

When someone makes that first negative comment causing you to doubt everything you planned for your new business, your first reaction might be to defend your business and convince them it's viable. This isn't necessary. Simply tell the person, you don't want to speak with them any longer if they are going to put down what you're trying to do. They may get upset with you, but this will protect you from doubting your business.

It helps to look at where they are and what they've done lately to improve their life. If the person providing the negativity is a fry cook at McDonald's with no business education, their opinion about your business shouldn't matter much to you. Look at the source of the negativity before you allow it to cloud your judgement.

Why People are Negative About Online Businesses

We live in a society that teaches us to go to school, get a diploma, go to college, get a degree and go work for somebody else. Working for yourself is hard for many to understand. Add in the fact that you want to work from home and run your business solely online, and you've just created a time bomb of buzz words that sound like a "scam" or sound "too good to be true" to many people.

Jealousy, pride and a lack of understanding cause negativity. Most people barely tolerate their job and some downright hate it. You might be one of those people currently, but you're doing something to change your situation. Most don't have the guts to do something about their current situation.

There's a reason why over 90% of people fail in online business and it has to do with negativity and laziness. Misery loves company and so do all the people working a JOB (Just Over Broke), living paycheck to paycheck.

If you're starting an online business, expect to face negativity. It happens everywhere. Even other online business owners might tell you what you're doing is a scam or won't work. Some will say this without trying because they think their way is the only way to make money online.

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