Dual Effect of Mini-site and Content-Site - Put your System on Auto-pilot soon

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Nowadays newbie get confused in taking initial steps. They usually get confused either by mini-sites or by content site. They initially don’t know from where to start. Should they go with mini-site or with content site? Many experts confuse newbie to get initiated with internet business.

Initially I was in the same position. I really don’t know from where to start. I was so bugged at that time.

Here are some mistakes which I have done in my past which certainly ended with huge loss. I have researched a niche which was highly competitive out of which I have made 56 pages content site.

Biggest mistake which I made was creation of site without any active research or anything. I have taken 6 months to complete this content site which was really a tiring job. Consequence of my hard work was no earning.

Yes man, you heard it right. I have ended up with no profits. A college guy who has his interest in internet business given his 6 month to it and have spent 1000$, end up with nothing. You won’t believe that I was not even having another source of income at that time. That was the most disastrous year of my life.

Even after such incident I have not lost my hopes. I again stood up with even more positive attitude. I was so passionate about this internet business that I kept no stones unturned.

I have made a lead capturing mini-site after a proper research of a highly demanded niche. Then I have continuously tested it till it gathers about 30% visitor to the lead conversion ratio.

Then I have made an e-book relating to my niche. And then I provided it to the entire visitors who are interested in the niche. Then I got indulge in promotion of the affiliated program which have ended with some money earning.

Now my aim is to sell my products. So I have researched for some mind blowing product related to my niche. I have purchased it resell rights. I made it unique by packing it in some real killer package.

Then I made a confident research on the entire profitable site relating to my niche. I have done this to make myself a surety that my site is at its best.

Then finally I started the promotion of my package for my visitors and it has converted tremendously. I made up around 0.5 % conversion ratio because of my unique package and I have made profit of 100$ on my package.

Now I am having a superb lead generation mini-site with about 30 to 35% visitors making their way to subscriber ratio. I am also having a sales mini-site which is making 0.5% visitors to my sales ratio with the net profit of a 100$. After getting such a remarkable numbers, I got sure that soon me going to put my system on an auto-pilot for 24/7.

Next step which I have taken was for content site. I have created some quality articles on my niche and pasted it on the content site.

I even created some quality articles of my own accompanied with other authors articles. This results in building up of quality content sites with over 1000 pages of each site, which was decent enough to attract traffic to my website’s door.

So I will tell you the exact procedure which I have followed to start a successful internet based business.

1. Create a mini-site whose ultimate aim should be lead-capturing. Before that you have to search for highly demanded and low competition niche. Make a list of the subscribers who are daily visiting your site and interested in buying your product.

2. Now try to invent your own product with your own ideas or buy the resell right of the products which are in you niche.

3. Now make a rock-solid content site which should be so valuable and attractive that visitor visit it again and again. Finally divert your visitor to your mini-sites.

This type of strategy will surely help you to attract huge traffic and you can even put your system on auto-pilot and earn around 1000$ while you sleep.

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The person who is looking forward to start his own internet business consultant by following my given steps can achieve easily.
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