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Just desiring to get a good person for some job is not enough to fill up your vacant post, you must first be clear yourself what exactly you would like the person to do if you are to select the right person for the job.
The first step in this direction is to clearly specify the job description which though at the first glance seems to be a simple affair but in the ultimate analysis it is not so. You should be able to frame the requirement in such way so that the job seeker can apprehend easily what are the things he will have to perform, what should be the extent and areas of experiences, what is the desired educational background, what will be his timings, what salary he can expect and what leaves are permitted.
Some steps to make a good job description are:
  • Job title speaks a lot about the job and hence should be crafted carefully. In some jobs the title are straight forward but in some the responsibilities go on shifting necessitating newer title. It is better to consider how old is the use of the title for the desired job and whether a change or an update is required.
  • Try to tell in brief but clearly the history of the company, what exactly the company does, the future expectations of the company and its expansion plans, about the top persons associated with the company etc.
  • Spell out the list of jobs that you would expect from the future incumbent.
  • Tell clearly the requirement of software skills for the job.
  • The salary and other parks and facilities that you will extend in return.
With the above in mind you will be able to create a sound job description which will be able to get you the right job seeker.

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