Introducing the Concept of Blog Outreach

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Bloggers, pay attention, because this is important information that could change the way you blog forever. Some will read this and know it works because they are already using the concepts of Blog Outreach. However, others will read this and their eyes will finally open. Here is the idea behind this concept.

Start With High Quality Content

Whether you write your own content or you hire someone to do it, make sure it's usable for the reader. Any SEO posts you write for your blog should be a minimum of 500 words, while viral posts can be shorter. Using a mixture of both types of posts will give you the best results.

Make Sure you Promote in the Post

Promoting your products, services or programs in your blog posts is necessary. You have to use contextual links and use a call to action at the end of the post. This is the best way to direct your visitors to the pages you want them to find.

Promoting your Blog Post

This is where the real meat of Blog Outreach starts. Once you write the post, it's time to promote it. Many bloggers miss this step or parts of this step because they are lazy or they just don't know any better.

First, share your post on EVERY social profile you own. If you don't use social media, climb out of the 1990s and start. It's time to get some eyes on your post and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and a number of other social media sites will lead to traffic.

Second, promote every single post you write to your list. If you're not building a list, start. This is how you sustain your income for the long term and a list it VITAL to your online business. Whenever you write a blog post, send it out to your list. This can lead to more sharing on social networks, comments on your blog post and more traffic.

Finally, respond to all the comments posted on social media and on your blog. If someone comments on your blog, no matter where, respond to their comment. Even something as simple as liking their comment on Facebook can lead to traffic now and later.

The goal of Blog Outreach is to get your post in front of as many eyes as possible. Another part of the strategy is to build your own community on Facebook, Twitter, Your Blog and anywhere else possible. The more people you have willing to share your content, the better chance each blog post has of going viral, which will bring you a ton of traffic.

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