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Job description is an important part of employer's functioning by which he can organize his company affairs more efficiently. In fact by not making the job description clear and to the point you may cause more expense which is unnecessary.

Unclear job description has a declining effect on the moral of the employee and also causes uncertainty. If any dispute arising out of incomplete job description goes to the court, the employer will be penalized because of ignorance in doing his duty.

Each and every job is basically a collection of many tasks and responsibilities which the employer gets done through his employee. Job description is to implicitly tell the employee about his specific tasks and responsibilities.

It may include key responsibilities, post to which the employee is to report, qualification needed to perform the task, experience needed to perform the task, range of salary etc.

Job analysis is the technical method by which the job description is prepared. It examines each and every task surgically so that there is no scope of any dispute. It also looks into the knowledge and experience required to carry out the job.

While preparing the job description you have to make it in such a way so that it can attract the potential employee through advertisement. The job description also helps in measuring the performance of the employees comparing his performance with the tasks specified.

Flexibility is now an important parameter while framing the job description so that the employer is able to get various jobs from the employee. In the present economic scenario multi-trading is a must so that the idle times can be utilized in productive work without causing any dispute.

The job description should also tell about the health and safety of the employee and precautions that are to be taken by the employee.For mORE RELATED Job descriptions Click Here
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