An Easy Way to Write 10 Articles a Day

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Do you ever wonder how some people (article marketers particularly) can
write so many articles per day?

Of course, they set aside time, they are disciplined, etc.

But in my case, it involved using simple tricks to make it happen for me.

Two tricks I used were to write batches of article topics at one time, and then to write each article in 80-100 word sections . . .

So instead of having to think of a new topic 10 times a day, you just write 100 topics in one sitting, every 10 days.

And instead of just barreling through 400 words straight, you break it into 100 word sections, and just write 100 words at a time (usually about 4 -8 sentences).

I've written another article that gives you even more detail on how to do it:

An Easy Way to Write 10 Articles Per Day

-- Sean Mize

Sean Mize is the 25,500 article author at ezinearticles and the author of Anyone Can Coach, the premier guide to virtual coaching online.
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