Some Quick Tips About Writing Emails Campaigns

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Some quick tips about writing email campaigns:

Instead of writing a big long campaign each month, just write one email per day, base it on an article you wrote that day or in the last 7 days, just take the article and revise it for an email.

Content emails: 1/3

Selling emails: 1/3

Helpful emails: 1/3

After the first 30 days, drop to 2 content emails per week

One of the next keys you will be learning once you have products is to space out your current emails 3-4 days apart and put new product - oriented emails in between them - but that is for the future.

Notes on length of content emails:

1/3 or less: longer than 400 words, MUST BE high-quality

1/3: less than 200-400 words

1/3: a direct link to an article or youtube you have written or recorded

In the long run, you need a balance of short ones, short ones that send someone to an article instead of have the content in the email, etc.

I recommend writing these kinds of emails, only one per day, and then inserting them into your existing campaign.

By the way, if you want to read more about email marketing from Sean Mize, go here: Email Marketing Articles From Sean Mize
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