Failure Corps (Articles/Blogs): Tell me about your failures/attempts!

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Ok i keep seeing this reocuring theme with people wanting to start blogs/write articles in the aim of getting viral or jumping SEO and then scorring Adsense revenue for a reliable "passive " income. You hear about ( rarely) winners here and there but id like to hear about all the people who have tried or are still trying. Then id like to add this information to a table. So tell me:

Blog/Article Market: What market were you in? health? adult? techonology?

Number of Articles/posts: How many articles did you get out?

Years Running/Ran: How long has everything been out there?

Total Earnings: How much total did you make from adsense?

Avg Profit per month: Earnings/time runing, how much did you make in profit, if you payed for articles factor that in.

WarriorBlog/Article MarketNumber of Articles/PostsYears Running/RanTotal EarningsAvg Profit/Month

This isnt to make people feel bad, its just something thats never brought up.
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    Frankly, I did start my own article publishing site ( thinking as the SEO and online marketing emberging and focusing on content marketing will help me to have good site for me to montize it. But it dosen't work for me. I think, i must admit that it was a failure for me.
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