How to want AI to write a good prompt word and find today's interesting news headlines

by ctoyun
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How to want AI to write a good prompt word and find today's interesting news headlines online that are not related to politics, economics, sports, or entertainment?
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    Maybe check out the two 'sticky posts' in this forum section? Good place to start.
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    ChatGPT only goes to 2021, so that's out.

    Bard gave me a list of today's headlines when I asked: Give me a list of today's top stories that don't include politics, economics, sports, or entertainment.

    However, not sure why you would need to ask AI for a list. When you go to google all you need to do is click the app launcher in the top right (9 dots), then click news and it gives you the top stores in just about any genre you want.
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  • Dear AI,

    What is important to me today?

    I see I don't want politics, economics, sports, or entertainment.

    But I know I wanna be intrested in *sumthin* ffs.

    (Back in the day, you'd hear the gal on the enda the line reply the next part, an' you would mebbe feel sumthin' 'bout her -- even if is was jus' abject rage she so stoopid.)

    Thing 'bout nooz is how it always instant, irrespective of most channels outside kinda TIME.

    You jus' gotta be THEYURRE.

    Which is why intrest is a partickular kinda focus.

    Would you wish always to be presented with information of intrest, which you were guaranteed to act upon to perfectshwaahn?

    Dunno ... way the narrative flowin' now, we all "skillin' up."

    This mean my ancestahs gloried out on wieldin' no scythe to provide for All Wonderment?

    Or I jus' an exotic tramp with a dim view of oppression?

    Wants an' naht wants are SUMMONINGS, an' less'n they down to you, GENIES are required.

    In evry genie story we seen, it is luck + charactah in conjunctschwaahn with magic kinda saves the day.

    We would wish always for our genies to be benevolent an' kind.

    Alt POV: eithah that impossibly mysoginistic asshole in the bottle was truly evah imprisoned ... or they workin' out as a team.

    So, yeah, politics, economics, sports, or entertainment don't zackly bothah Moi 24/7.

    You gaht a fix for this or what?

    You a drudge spelunkah or sumthin' more specific?

    Plus where were you when my first hamstah DIED?

    Yours Artifically Also,

    Prinno B

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    For a good AI prompt, use clear, specific instructions. For non-political, non-economic, non-sports, and non-entertainment news, ask AI to generate headlines in areas like science or health. Note, I think I currently AI models can't fetch real-time news.
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