TikTok's working on a new AI chatbot

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The AI race is on, and TikTok is working on an AI chatbot for Western users. This, at least, is based on a recent patent filing in the US.

Image source: Semafor

The new AI chatbot is called Genie, and they're looking to make it more of a hub for its AI functionalities.

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    everyone these days makes a chatbot. i'm actually surprised they didn't greenlight it earlier.
    another brick in the wall
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      The world is changing so fast, and chatbots are one of those novelties that are quickly coming into use.
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    its spreading like the covid ..........day by day new chatbot
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    It would be ironic if this chat bot would be subject to a ban in the USA...
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    Where can I view this chatbot?
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    It doesn't surprise me either
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    I like the Gemini.
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    and what kind of focus will it have?
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    If tic toc is doing it, then it has good prospects, they already have successful experience.
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    can tell me in detail
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