Is social media compulsory?

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im currently working in IT industry. however, i have no interest on social media such as facebook, twitter,instagram and the list goes on. thus, i dont have any of these.

however, from my research on online business, social media is much needed to get more traffic especially to ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

my main concern, is it really necessary? i know it is best to have but otherwise, can i make it work?
if it is, im not sure if its too late for me to start social media now. if i were to start, is it possible to start one like facebook for business to focus on my business solely? since i have no intention on my local, i would like to target international..

thanks in advance
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    Social media is not compulsory but it will add great value. People spend a good part of their online time in social media.
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    Social media today is like when the TV showed up right after WWII. It really took off in the 1950's.
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      That's actually a useful and acurate analogy: Social media is similar to TV after WWII, I hadn't thought of that before!
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    Social media networks are categorized with respect to personas. For example, LinkedIn is used by professionals to find jobs and hire people. It can be helpful as you can easily find the target audience you are marketing to on a massive level.
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    Not compulsory but will evolve further and may be value to you in using it now.
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    Social media is a great way to reach to your target audience within short period of time so it is very much helpful. Also it is a great way to get customer feed back , know about customer experiences & suggestions, etc.
    With social media you can create a strong support voice of your customers for your brand.
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    Indeed..Because Social media will drive you lots of traffic..And Social media is the best platform to promote anything
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    it depends on what your goals are. you would get better results to focus in and get very good at one method of attracting customers, rather than halfway running 5 social media accounts. fyi, it is easier and cheaper to rank in google outside the united states. if you want international business, it may be worth your time to get a website in the countries you want to focus on, and go after your keywords. if you focus 100% on ranking a site for your keywords, it would get you more leads than if you just do social media.
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    I agree with leonlittle that social media plays a vital role in your online presence. In order to make a great online presence you need to regularly use the social media accounts to get good amount of traffic on your site/blog.
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    I remember when I first dove into social media. I always avoided facebook, but then saw the potential after so many people had success making money with it. I love social media now, but admit that at times it can really suck the life out of you!
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    Nowadays it becomes compulsory if you want your business to be flourish.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    It is just a matter of how many millions of buyers you want to never reach... You leave a lot of money for all your competitors by not keeping up with the times. Everyone should send you a christmas card and say thanks for your not wanting to do social marketing
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    I beleive you can make anything work with or without social media. However, social media will give you greater profit. It can seem overwhelming if you don't know where to start.
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    the more lines you have in the pond the more chances you have to catch a fish...there's lots of fish swimming around in the social media pond
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    Social Media is not compulsory but it has its own importance. It is the best way to reach your target customers and to increase the website traffic.
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    My sister in law is an artist. A year ago she started making Clay products. She offered her products on Etsy first. But only when I created a FB page for her, that boosted her sales over the roof. Targeting and retargeting capabilitie of social platforms is so powerfull that I belive it is necessary path to success.
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    It is not compulsory, but definitely highly recommended.
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    Since competition nowadays is tighter than ever, social media could be considered compulsory. I mean, no one forces you to do it, but why not do it if the market's there? But of course, it's still not too late to get started today.
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    Nope, but the good thing about it is you could connect to some old friends you've never met for a long time as long as they're on social media too.
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    nothing is compulsory it's completely up to you. not everyone makes money on social media, it's not so easy.
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    Social media is not compulsory but it is necessary it have the major benefits. It helps to create brand awareness also improves brand popularity.
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    Social Media has it's benefits. it's not necessary but
    It can help you leverage your business one more level.
    but it's up to you.
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    At this point it already is. Even someones pet has it. Big companies are advertising on it.
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    Social Media Marketing is essential for any business. You can market your business to targeted audience by social media.
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    Nowadays Social media is an important part of online business. In fact you can promote your business through Social media and it can bring positive results to get huge traffic.
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    Social media is not compulsory, but it's a good place to develop your business if you can use them well. But since you have no interest on it, maybe it's better you focus on what you are interested.
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    I have had some frustrations with it. But what I've heard is that it is one of those things you have to see through---you know, give it a good run to make sure it works or doesn't work for you.
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    Social media is not compulsory.But it will surely boost up your business.But if you don't want to use them you can use forums etc. to advertise and promote.Sometimes a forum which is relevent to your field could be more effective than social media promotion.
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    social media is not compulsory.but social media can give more benefits ..using social media you can grow faster...having social media and using it is really your wish.

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    No it is not, there are other ways to go around but you wont get as much exposure as on social media. While it is no compulsory it is something that can greatly boost your business. As almost everyone has social media accounts, it wont hurt joining in what is trending. A business should be versatile and it is not too late to start on social media.
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    Social Media is not very important but this is a good platform to develop your business. I am also using social media for develop a business.
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    It has big impact and is not too late to start your own
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    Start blogging according to user requirements at your site. Do the backlinking rightly along with keywords.If you are good at writing then its perfect.Otherwise, you can hire a professional like digital marketing agency who can do both blogging according to keyword research and get content together with specific keywords.
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    It has reached a point where socialmedia is very much needed in the world to get a business running up successfully.
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    It's not compulsory but in today's world if you wish to gain maximum leads then Social Media is the best way for you to achieve your goal.

    Make use of quality keywords which will help you gain the niche traffic from the search engine. If you need a reference then this is the perfect place for you to begin with. Also, using Social Media Marketing Tools can help you ease your work by using Scheduling, multiple postings, hashtags supporters, managing your team internally, etc.

    These things count for brand upbringing or even for the ones with huge businesses to help them ease-off their work.
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    Yes, Social Media is very essential for any kind of business, whether you are running small business or any personal blog.

    In blogging, it can bring instant traffic to your latest post, and through social you can get some lead or client for your business.
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    Social media is not compulsory but it is the great way to reach the target audience within a short period of time.It will increase the brand awareness as well as we can connect with number peoples.
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  • Profile picture of the author Arvind Kumar
    I think it should be a part of your marketing it should be mandatory for promoting your business or website....since the whole world in online on social networking is a very easy to get some referral traffic from these websites.!!!
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    it will generate extra traffic for your website .
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    Social media is definitely a good idea. Especially in today's world where social media is so prominent in people's lives. I think you're leaving money on the table by not considering social media.

    I don't use social media to post daily, but I use it to advertise as that's where my market is.
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  • Profile picture of the author Castor Troy1
    Actually social media is not compulsory, but here you can get more traffic. And social media plays great role about promote any product or business. For advertising your business social medias are great platform to know others about your business. If you want to know others about your business then its very essential, beside it it's free this great advantage of social media. If you want to advertise to television channel then it will cost you more.
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  • Social media is not necessary, you can off-page SEO for traffic and ranking of the website. But if you make an account on social media it will help you to increase your traffic quickly and also you get organic traffic on your website. If you run a campaign on Facebook, it is beneficial to you and your website.
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