Can social media improve seo rankings?

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How can social media such as Facebook improve rankings of websites and yet links from these platforms are no-follow?
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    Hi Kim

    yes Kim Social media Facebook will help to improve rankings to our website such as a specific page for which we are planing to focus on improve rank in search engine related to that page we have to create a post on Facebook with info graphic designed image with quality content of niche category to our website along with website specific page link , by sharing in groups and profiles in Facebook viewers may visit our website and traffic will move up and by creating website Facebook fan pages you can improve rankings .

    Thanks with Regards,
    Social Media Tree
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    Google+ sharing play an important role to get good ranking.
    As Google mention that Facebook, twitter and other such big social sites didn't help to get ranking, but they never say that Google+ sharing never helps to get ranked.

    So, focus on Google+ sharing
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      or we can share on both platforms to get more traffic and benefits.
      Don't we sir?
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    Social Media links don't deliver link juice, and have the nofollow tag applied to them so you're not going to improve your position on the SERP, but there is an indirect impact of social media is its ability to generate new inbound links by improving brand awareness and overall online visibility.
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      agreed. no matter if they are no-follow, but if you are getting the good amount of traffic from social media it will indirectly improve your SEO.
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    yes of course social media can able to improve your seo ranking..

    Get Yourself a Customised High-Converting Funnel, Landing Page, Website, Membership, Store Created with GROOVE

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    Personally I have never seen any evidence that social signals help with your SERP possitions and I would love to see any analytics or rank tracker data from the people above who said it does.

    To my knowledge, most of the links on Social Media are no follow anyway so offer little to no benefit to SERP movement anyway.
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    SEO ranking can be improved by following ways:
    Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. ...
    Update Your Content Regularly. ...
    Metadata. ...
    Have a link-worthy site. ...
    Use alt tags
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  • yes, social media can improve SEO rankings because I think it's one of the easiest ways to promote your business.
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    Nowadays different Exclusive Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,LinkedIn and so on is large and popular way to improve SEO ranking.
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    Social media has an implicit effect that creates new inbound links.
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    Yes, ofcourse. This is one of google ranking factor.
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    obviously, SMM is helping you to SEO ranking because SMM can bring traffic of you website.
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    Yes social media can also help to improve seo ranking and it is the best way for seo ranking.Craze of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Instagram is growing day by day and mostly everyone is using it..So social media will be play important role for improving seo ranking.
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    no not at all
    i have tried but got failed
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  • Profile picture of the author olympiadillinger
    Social media provides opportunity to expand your connections. The number of your organic social media followers and connections has a rich influence on your search engine rankings.
    For example, a website design company with a million Twitter followers will receive substantially more rankings than a website design company with a hundred Twitter followers.
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    On these days social media is very public place for users. So in this point of view social media can be very helpful for doing seo, social media can improve seo rankings by doing these things, such as:
    Review submission
    Pdf Submission
    Share your content in various website.
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    Yes, of course, It will increase the SEO ranking.
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    Formally, Google says social media does not count. However, in practice social postings can be seen in Google Analytics traffic. And in terms of SEO, social posts with proper use of keywords can help search rankings and thus your web presence. When you post content, in particular articles, blogs, videos, ensure you use solid keywords (determined by keyword research) in your title, meta description and content. As part of this remember that Google likes video and image content - they need keywords, too.

    The main signals/metrics that appear to affect rankings include Facebook likes and shares, LinkedIn shares, and Google+ shares. In a study by Cognitive SEO, an almost linear relationship was found between strong social presence (as measured via the above metrics) and better search engine rankings.

    So use social media to your advantage to expand your customer base and strengthen your brand name and reputation. Sites like the Sales and Marketing Stack can help with ideas and tools to keep your marketing effective.
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    social media can improve SEO ranking ...but organic traffic has more effect on SEO than referral traffic....traffic in any form is good..!!
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    Consider these three ways social media impacts SEO:

    1. Social sharing drives traffic to websites

    Posting links to quality content can garner shares, likes and comments. It also encourages social media users to migrate to official business websites.

    TIP: Regularly share links to website content on appropriate social media sites. Some platforms, such as LinkedIn, lend themselves to posting long-form content directly.

    2. Social media profiles rank in search engines

    If you type the name of a business in a search engine, its social media profiles will likely pop up along with its official website.

    TIP: Make sure all pertinent social profiles are active and consistently engaging with audiences. What's most important is targeting the platforms that resonate most with your prospective customers.

    3. Social media boosts brand awareness

    Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users during the second quarter of 2016, and there were 317 million monthly active users on Twitter as of the third quarter. Both these figures, supplied by Statista, illustrate just how important social media has become for generating brand awareness.

    TIP: Consistently engage with social audiences by asking questions, starting discussions and commenting on news and trends.
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  • Profile picture of the author jeffreydale
    Yes there is such a thing called "social signals" which Google does take into account, but some will argue it's only a small fraction of a larger pie when it comes to ranking.

    Full-time entrepreneur | YouTuber | Ecom Coach | Social Media Expert

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    Social media does not help directly to SEO rankings. Here are three ways social media actually does help your SEO efforts.

    1. Potential for Links
    2. Build an Audience
    3. Branded Searches
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    of course social media can improve your seo branding...
    For this you can get huge amount of traffic via facebook , twitter , pinterest , instagram and so.
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    Yes, social media can improve SEO rankings. Because social networks/ media like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are very helpful to share information regarding your product. You can follow people and sharing video, images and another file for getting ranking and review your product which you want to target.Each and every business increase the customer/client flow by following social media networks.
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    yes, social media can improve SEO rankings because It is the best way to promote your business and Increase our page Rank and Grow our SERP's.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jenny Vox
    Hi Kim,
    As per my knowledge, I don't think social media is useful to improve SEO ranking.
    But yes, it can help you to get maximum traffic on your website.
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