Im 18 and trying to start my own business!

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Hey people of Warrior Forum, im an 18 yr old aspiring entrepreneur from Adelaide, Australia. Im here asking for some advice on a website ive created, its just a clothing site which im looking for some tips on how to improve, if you wouldnt mind give a spare second of your day to just have a look and give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated, No hate
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    Hey mate, welcome to the Warrior Forum! Glad to see another Aussie among us.

    First off, there's not much we can really advise on a locked landing page except nice font..

    With the advise that you're asking - being as specific as you can goes a long way. What are you looking to get advise on? Business operation, Marketing, Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, Instagram, Email Marketing, How to setup partnerships etc.... tell us and we'll tell you
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    Hello, In the age of 18 year old you took great insensitive because no one try to do any business in that age.

    I went with your website so i can see still you didn't completed you website with all product.
    So my suggestion will be please upload all product with good content then go with some below following marketing strategy.
    SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
    SMO ( Social Media Marketing)
    PPC ( Pay Per Click) etc..
    Good luck..
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    First thing first, try to make your tagline related to wearable, not clothing. Add some description to the products, add multiple images of the product from a different angle. Create your buyer's persona and market your website based on that. All the best.
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    Hi! I visited your site and I think you are having a good start. You have nice design layout and good products to offer. But you could also try marketing your products through a blog and put some keywords in it. Aside from that, I noticed that you do not have social media icons on your site. Try to increase your social media presence and spread your brand over Adelaide and the near places. Good luck in your business!
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    Well, it's really a good idea to start your own business. I have gone through your website it is very fine and has designed well. Now, you only need to promote your business on social media to get more customers for your business and can also ask for referrals to your existing customers to refer you and your products to your friends and relatives. It will help more to get the new audience for your business.
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    Aside from feedback, I am interested to know what do you want to achieve on your site and on your business as a whole? Are you doing SEO on your site?

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    I love seeing young entrepreneurs, and the aesthetic of your web design is nice. There was some information that you still need to input, maybe that you looked over:
    "A short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing"
    the sunglasses you are selling are listed for $0,
    Your niche is narrow which is good, how are you branding yourself on social media outside of your website?
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    Before asking for advice there are a few things you should do.

    1. Define your purpose on your site. Visitors have no idea what you're really all about.

    Who is your ideal customer, who are you speaking to here. From what I can see you haven't defined that yet.

    2. Build a complete site so that we have something to critique. Right now there really isn't anything there.

    3. Literally NO ONE is going to sign up to your list just to get your newsletter.
    You need to give them a reason to give you a valid email address.
    Free eBook =>
    The Secret To Success In Any Business
    Yes, Any Business!
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    I am in the year of 19 and I wanted to know what will I do for earn some money
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    Here is some tips for improve of traffic on site :
    Search Engine Optimization : On page and Off Pages with target Keywords
    Social Media Optimization: Join Facebook, Pintrest, Lookbook, Instagram etc for Daily post with information and create Business page on those site .
    Paid Media Used for Traffic : Display Networks and Search networks used for traffic, Sale etc...
    Content Marketing - in Article, Blog Published and guest post and distribute at Content distribution Network.
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    SEO optimization, focus on kewords and content.
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    1. Looks professional enough. The lead image is interesting.

    2. Does not tell me "This Is A Clothing Site." I'm asking myself, "What am I looking at here?!"

    3. Products are "below the fold" so I can't see them. I may not even realize I can scroll down before I lose interest and click on outta there.

    4. Products do not tie in with the lead image. I do not see "faded." I do not see "motorcycle lifestyle."

    Stick with it: if you get 10 years of experience now, by the time you're 28 you will be a million years ahead of everyone else.
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    Hi Nathan,

    The initial image that takes up the whole screen looks great but unfortunately with an ecom website it's not about looks.
    It will have a lot to do with giving the visitor what they are looking for (immediately), making navigation to products very natural and easy (don't make customers jump through hoops),
    I think most of what I wanted to say has already been said by earlier responders but to summerise...

    1. domain name is completely misleading if you are selling cycling products. The domain name conjures up fashion clothing in my mind and nothing to do with cycling. Think about your branding and your business name. Of course you can brand a name without the word cycling but you can't use a word like clothing as will be confusing at best.
    2. The initial screen and image is just too big or requires more call to actions and information to lead potential buyers to the products and content.
    3. The first thing you come to is the opt-in form for newsletter. That would not be what I was I was looking for (at this point) and I would probably skip past that even if it did offer me some value (which it doesn't). Think discount codes/offers etc. to encourage sign-ups.
    4. You need a lot more products loaded so we can see what the format/layout etc. really looks like. At the moment it looks like a blog page not an ecom site.
    5. Why has the guy in the image got his eyes blocked out? It may be a Shopify stock image but if it isn't do you have full rights to it and the model release etc? Even if you do I think it sends an odd message to a potential customer.
    6. Your 18 and this is your first attempt. You are actually doing something with what seems to be some kind of plan and that puts you ahead af a significant chunk of people. Don't expect to get rich overnight. Keep working at it, keep focused, keep learning, keep improving. Potentially you could be retiring at 30
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    You need school & work first.
    It's difficult to do bussiness without education and work experience
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    Hello Nathan,

    I was 18 when I started my own business and i want to wish you a good luck and if you need any advise, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you and advice you!
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    I am not able to open you website but i would suggest the following :
    1. Start from inbound marketing, Start doing SEO and SEM activities for your website. they are highly underestimated but would benefit you on large scale and would deliver results in a logarithmic scale.

    2. Branding from the start is ultra important. make sure that you push the brand value in every product you sell to the customer.
    Branding is an art and it is mostly intuitive in nature. You have to make sure that every color, art and product itself represent what your brand stands for.
    You can refer to many websites online for reading material on them.

    3. outbound marketing : Run small campaigns which can help your startup get traction in the community.
    Always try to think and work as per customer perspective.

    All the best
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    Originally Posted by Nathan Maiolo View Post

    Hey people of Warrior Forum, im an 18 yr old aspiring entrepreneur from Adelaide, Australia. Im here asking for some advice on a website ive created, its just a clothing site which im looking for some tips on how to improve, if you wouldnt mind give a spare second of your day to just have a look and give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated, No hate
    Adelaide, l feel for you with all of those power blackouts to contend with, (you almost had another big one last week, but we, Vic bailed you guys out).

    Nice site, but l would make the Buy button bigger, and include some sort of indicator so, the customer has a reference point in regards to which gif image they are up to.

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