I have a facebook group with 4500 fans, can I make money?

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It's an old page, the name is Good Karma, i shared inspirational quotes and it grew through shares of my posts. Could I monetize it?
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    Here are some ways that will help you to make money from facebook.
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    Facebook fan pages have very low reach (at least at the moment) so even if you have thousands of fans your reach will be low. A better option is facebook groups.

    One way you could make money with the page is to use it with your facebook ads, the 4500 fans will give you some social proof.
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    Its very hard but you could learn the common interests of the people and sell products accordingly.
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    You really have to start promoting things to your group. You probably shouldn't be too obvious about it, but you have to promote either your own products or as an affiliate. Here's an article that goes through a bunch of different ways to monetize your FB Group http://marketinghangout.co/u/2676/7-...facebook-group. I hope you find it useful.
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    Actually here you can monetize your facebook by affiliated marketing, you can advertising others product then you can earn from it, it's like amazon affiliate marketing. Main thing is that if your user is not active then it could be problem for monetize facebook. You can also sell your own product on facebook, and facebook has their boosting option which is not free but works great. You can create fan page for your business. Share your fan page in different group so that people can know about your page. These are some methods which are works great for monetize facebook.
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    Since Facebook update their feeds algorithm, they want the users more social with his friends and the Likes of Pages just be an identification for Ad Research.
    If the questions is "Could I monetize the Pages?", the answer is "yes you can, it's possible". But, make sure you have team to make the each published post of your Pages going viral to his friends in the Timeline.
    Because when you (or your friends) shared something interesting, the posts will be appear on timeline that tell you "Your friends share bla bla bla...", that's the point to make your Pages more visible to the audience.
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