What Is The Fastest & Easiest Way I Get Free Unlimited Targeted Traffic From Social Media?

by daniel272 17 replies
I am searching for the fastest, easiest way to get traffic to my website for free. I would like to know some good quality information out there that can help me.

I have searched some websites and I have found a couple of ones that look alright. huntersocialmediacoach.com

Please someone else have a look at it and let me know what you think.

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    For the most part, if you want "fastest" and "easiest" you'll have to pay for it. Paid traffic allows you to turn on the faucet when you want.

    With free traffic, you very often have to spend a lot of personal time and effort in promoting your offer (which is not easy or fast).

    Unless you can get Oprah to talk about you on television, there is nothing "easy" or "fast" about free organic traffic.

    Sorry to have to give you the bad news.


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    Fast, easy and success shouldn't go together even in the same sentence.

    Everyone wants success...traffic, leads and sales for their business.

    Even paid marketing won't be fast and easy because there is a learning curve.
    Successful Internet Marketing is a Process. ==>>Here Are My 5 Steps for Success...
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    Fast and easy free traffic? Please someone fill us in.

    I want to know too...

    I'm serious.
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    The expectation of fast and easy usually results in disappointment.
    If you're willing to use paid traffic you can likely get the fast traffic but I'm not sure about easy.

    I guess the answer is Facebook ads.
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    So like, is 10,000 visitors a day good to start, or do you want to start off with more?

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    In my experience there is no such thing as fast free traffic cause it take time and efforts before you start seeing some good results with your offers and conversion so if you want fast and easy traffic that takes less effort to set up then paid traffic is the way to go.
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    This is the third time I have seen a question like this on this forum. You may want to look at the responses on the other post.

    Basically Fast, easy and Free don't really do together. If you want fast & easy then paid traffic is your best avenue. If you are looking for free it will take time and a lot of trial and error.


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    Nothing screams belief in a project like the unwillingness to financially invest in it.
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    As for me, I would suggest to create a facebook group so there could be a resource for email marketing
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    Hunt around for one of those free animated gifs that look like a meter spinning out of control. Install it on your home page. Then tell yourself "wow, look at all that fast, free traffic!"


    Fast, Free, Easy and Unlimited? Better have those brownies checked out, because you are hallucinating.
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    Hi daniel272,

    Fast, easy, free... pick any two.

    Fast and free will not be easy

    Easy and free will not be fast

    Fast and easy will not be free.

    By the way, Free and Unlimited do not fit together at all.


    Don Burk


    I'm sure you can find an ebook that promises "fast, free, and easy" traffic results, but that ebook wont be free, the methods in it cannot be learned fast, and it will not be easy to get it right, especially on the first try. But don't worry, the author will have prepared a series of ebooks to sell you that will prey on each of those desires, none of which will provide a solution for all 3 simultaneous, that will be the secret they reveal in the $15,000 master class that they will recommend after purchasing their entire series of ebooks. j/k
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    There are lots of sites have those can works really well, but those are not completely free, some of them below:
    These are some sites which can be get you more traffic to your sites but these sites are not completely free, but these sites are works well.
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    share best content as per requirement and also use image for explanation.
    you can also increase your community.
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    You have need to share informative and rich content on the social channels on the daily basis and try to build engagement....
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    Social Platforms has become an essential part for brands to promote their products. This is the generation of social media marketing & advertising which has resulted in the growth of ROI. It's an instant platform to reach your target market with just a few clicks. Consistently, be active on social media sites, by using right hashtags and pictures is an exceptional way to optimize with social media.
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    Fast and easy not possible.

    Two ways you can get traffic

    1 ) spending money (for fast and easy)
    2) Invest some time and make some natural traffic for your website.

    Now choose according to your choice.
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    Since everyone is kind of beating a dead horse on this thread, I thought I'd add my own two cents:

    The most effective strategy I've found to get free traffic (though it's not particularly fast) is not via social media, but via blog commenting. I don't really look at the SEO effects of blog commenting anymore since they're not particularly effective driving rankings (IMHO), but a well written and considerate comment that's relevant to the topic tends to drive a surprising amount of traffic to some of my sites.

    The trick to this is to comment on VERY fresh content, something posted THAT DAY rather than blog posts from 3yrs ago are your best bet. I have a VA post 6-10 comments a day for one of my niche sites and I get about 100 unique visitors a day just from these comments.

    Is it unlimited? not exactly. Some VERY popular posts still send us traffic, but it's usually a large wave at first and then it tapers off. Continually posting gets more consistent results.

    FYI, I know paying a VA means this isn't free for me, but OP could easily do this themselves to start.
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