what is the best way to clean up my email list from bounce?

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is there a way to clean up email lists without using services that make you upload your list and then selling it to others or even using it for themselves?
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    1. Use such a title that attracts people to know whats inside.
    2. Stop sending too many emails to subscribers.
    3. You can filter the list from your previous campaigns.
    4. Don't use excessive links inside the mail.
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    The system which i am currently part of they use 2 emails in a day. in the morning they send value email & in the evening they send promotional content with value which has already been informed in morning. The unsubscribe would be more as i was informed but anyways those are not gonna be buying in future so it gets clean up itself.
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    You should be able to trust a reliable mail cleaning service provider. Their core business is validating email address and not reselling the list.
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  • clarkandam,

    Not sure what service you are using but there are three things you should do.

    Remove all bounced emails, you can filter your list by bounced email address then delete them

    Delete all unsubscribed emails, depending on your email provider they may charge you.

    Lastly, delete all subscribers that have not opened an email in the last 6 months.

    One other email tip for you. Go through your emails and make a list, first see which opens have the highest open rates (rate the top 10), then look at the click rate on these messages also.


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    All email marketer tools have automation process bounded emails.
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    There are a few things you can do, but I'll give you two here...

    1. To get subscribers a lot of email marketers (including me) use the easiest way to collect emails which is the "single opt-in method", but a way to stop a lot of bounce rates is the use the "double opt-in method" instead.

    The difference between single opt-in in and double opt-in is basically quantity V/S quality, to be honest.

    But...if you are a good marketer you can turn the quantity into a quality list if you build a good relationship with your list.

    2. Make sure to clean your list at least every 30-days. You can also choose to wait a bit longer and clean at the 60-day mark.

    I'm not one to tell you how to manage your list, but this will give you an idea of how most of us do it.

    If you're not familiar with the term clean your list...it simply means to delete inactive subs that have NEVER OPENED a single email from you since they signed up.

    And DON'T WORRY about deleting these subs, if they are not opening your emails chances are they were never interested in you in the first place they just wanted the freebie, so they would have never bought anything from you anyway.
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    List Cleaning is quite expensive and it seems like no one shows you how transparent they do!
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    Originally Posted by clarksandam View Post

    is there a way to clean up email lists without using services that make you upload your list and then selling it to others or even using it for themselves?
    From your answer, it becomes clear that the only possible way to do that is manual removal.

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    Aweber Sucks? Should You Switch from Aweber To ConvertKit?

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    I have Maxprog eMail Verifier. I use it to clean my lists and my clients' lists. It won't reduce bounce rate to 0, no service will achieve that, but it does pretty well.
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  • You cant really verify your list yourself if you don't have a bigger list to run your current list against. It would be best to use a verification service
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    Are you just using a standard email client? Or do are you doing it through a marketing platform? There's a lot of relatively cheap email marketing platforms that will clean bounced emails from your list automatically.
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  • Originally Posted by clarksandam View Post

    is there a way to clean up email lists without using services that make you upload your list and then selling it to others or even using it for themselves?
    I am not sure what service you've been using for email list cleaning. Have you had a bad experience yourself ?

    Leading email verification companies (like BriteVerify, QuickEmailVerification, NeverBounce) should be trustworthy because most would be working with bigger companies too who might have strict guidelines and agreements in place. As Jim Carter says in the ansewrs above, you can also get these services free if your list size is small. And, again, as Jim says, you can use an API where addresses are tested real-time. Hope this helps. good luck!
    Edit 1: Another email verification comparison blogpost: http://www.theappguruz.com/blog/top-...vices-compared
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    Hi Clarksandam,

    E-mail validation tools ask for uploading a list as the users generally come up with huge data to be verified. Maybe because of your past experience you are concerned about the security of your data & the further selling. Based on my personal experience I suggest you Clearout, an email verification tool that allows you both

    1. Instant or Quick Verification: A quick way of verifying email addresses in real-time without uploading bulk lists and waiting in the queue.

    2. Bulk Validation: Enables you to upload a ready email list file for verification with just a single click.

    This tool assures that the data is never stored in their system for more than 15 days and if requested it will be removed immediately after processing.
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