Why my site not show in google search result but it show in Bing search result?

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Hello friends- Why my site not show in google search result but it show in Bing search result? Actually when we do search engine submission then show in Google but after day it is to be invisible in google. please suggest some authentic method to fix it.
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    Have you submitted your site to Google to be indexed?
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      me too ! my website: vlmovies.com
      not top in 100
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        I checked your site and it is there indexed on Google. Whats happening is the inconsistency in keywords on website and its structure is hampering it to come in top 100. you need to do a little on-page and off-page activities to make it rank better. @Seoquakeonline
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    Google takes time to evaluate your page and than rank it.
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    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    google is just harder than bing to rank for and take a time to evaluate your content
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    It only shows that Google is more strict in placing the site pages in the SERP compared to Bing and Yahoo that are easy to manipulate.
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    when you do SE submission, at that time your site is shown in the Google but at which position?
    on the first page? or in top 100?

    are you doing SEO on your site?
    are your site is SEO friendly?

    google may be showing your site after SE submission because when google found something new, he gives you more priority and gives you a better ranking.

    but if the site is not optimized then you might lose the position you get.

    I hope this helps you. and you can improve your rankings by Doing SEO. you can do it your self or you can contact the Best SEO Company in India.
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    Hello, If you need any help regarding your website ranking, then feel free to ask ITHeight. They will help you in this issue.
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    Believe me its not a bad news. I personally believe that being indexed in Bing is tougher than Google. One of my site http://www.freshinked.com is indexed for 500+ pages in Google, but only for 16 pages in Bing.

    Wait for few weeks and you would see your site indexed in Google as well, just make sure you dont have any penalties outstanding
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    vlmovies.com seo video get traffic but not top in 100 , can i help me ?
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    Have you submitted you're your website on google ???
    If no then submit your website at Google search console
    If Yes then have attached it on your website yet. Google takes some time to do it.
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    Your website content and structuring matters. Make sure Google does not consider it as a spam. Share your website link so that we can verify.
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    How new is your website?
    If its relatively new (developed 2-3 months ago) then you are in what is called Google sandbox. This is where new websites are placed before Google find you relevant enough for your type of business or product.

    It takes good linkbuilding and SEO optimization to get indexed in top100 in Google. But if your site isnt that new, then you can manually ask Google to crawl your site. Easiest way to do it, is via Search console.

    We had the sandbox problem with https://makeitmedia.dk , and we were found after 2 months by doing SEO.
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    Google may take some time to update it.

    One thing I see a lot is people focusing way too much of their attention on is their ranking.

    Ranking won't matter if your content is mediocre.

    Something to think about anyway...
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    Make sure that your website has been indexed by Google.

    If it is not, please use Google Search Console to submit your URL of the website.

    It's easy to do.
    1. Go to Google Search Console and Sign In.
    2. Add Property as your website URL
    3. Then verify using one of options given.
    4. Submit Sitemap (important)

    Really this will works to appear your site on Google. Even though if it will not, your website may penalized.
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    try fetch and render once with google webmasters
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    Even after indexing it, it disappears. that means there are some issues of penalty. I asked one SEO expert regarding this issue and he said that there are chances the site might be penalized by Google. so check for the penalty in Google.
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