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Do people really Volunteer to exchange back links for higher rankings?.If so,then I would like to experience that.Who is in?
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    Actually in my opinion rather than exchanging back links ,we can try to get genuine back links for websites for trustworthy.
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    Yes You Can Do Back Link Exchange But Don't Over Do It. It May Lead To Penalty cause its considered gray hat practice.
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    Yes. Rather backlink exchange try building backlink naturally.
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    Originally Posted by Motivation Paradise View Post

    Do people really Volunteer to exchange back links for higher rankings?.If so,then I would like to experience that.Who is in?
    Why don't you just buy a couple thousands of them?

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    Not in. You shouldn't be either.

    Exchanging links with crappy websites isn't going to help you and only crappy websites would agree to exchange links with you if you have to ask this question.

    Focus on building quality links to your site or find someone to do it for you.
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    Consider writing guest posts for another blog to build your backlinks. You should only write about what you know and post it on a blog that is relevant, and both the article and the blog you guest on will need to be pertinent to your website. Don't forget to have your content proofread.

    Words grab attention, and words produce emotions, words move to action, words are your key to success. www.WriteRoadToSuccess.com

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    Hi MP,

    This is a silly approach to getting links. There is no value to the links, nor a genuine exchange. Just 2 people agreeing to exchange links, with no friendships established, no value, no benefit to readerships.

    Build bonds. Practice your blogging skills. Earn backlinks from rocking blogs.

    If it is totally easy to do online, and requires zero skill, it is a bone-headed approach LOL. Otherwise, everybody would be doing it and seeing massive success with it.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I don't see the harm in link exchange, as long as it is relative, within your niche, and with strong blogs.

    It works, like most things in life it has to do be done properly. If you have good content, people will want to do link exchanges with you. Content will always be king, so good content will always lead to good links.
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    It's not a good idea. You should not do it too. You can do it in another way. Let me share how I do it.

    My Friend Website: abc.com
    My website: def.com
    Got an offer for link exchange: ghi.com

    I tell ghi.com to provide a backlink for def.com and I do ghi.com backlink into abc.com.

    This is the safe way I think. I have not face any problem with this tips.

    Don't forget to share if you have any great tips to build link and relationship.
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    Back link exchange not beneficial, if you are doing excessive then, you can improve the ranking on search engine, but in the sometime you lost your reputation on Search engine.
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    Yeah, I agree. 3way swaps are usually the safer way to go.

    Also, Agree with you Steven Henry, you don't wanna be too excessive with the link swaps. Esciaply doing it with same people - You do have to be careful and selective about how you do it - But I disagree about them not being benefical.... They can be very benefical if you do it properly.
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