How to upload recorded videos on youtube without any copyright issue?

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I want to start my youtube channel related to tv shows.I had just record shows from tv & then upload on youtube but i faced copyright strike.So i want to know the procedure how to upload youtube videos using this method without any copyright strike?
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    You are uploading copyrighted content and looking for a way not to get a copyright strike? I missing something here?
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    Actually you can't do that to upload others videos, you can take concept from it then use the video otherwise you can get this type of strike every time, because of googlebot can understand easily what is copy and what is not. Even you can't use any copy or take from others music, although youtube has its own music list and you can use those into your video or you can use your own making music. Youtube has a service where you can share videos into your channel, there you wont get any copy right strike.
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    You can do that only with live recording as news videos. It's like you are making a report about people videos advantage and disadvantages. You have to have a presenter. And... this is also not available for all countries. I think if you're in USA, this won't be permitted.

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