Which affiliate network is good for affiliate marketing?

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I want to start a affiliate base online business but i have no any idea which plateform is good for affiliate marketing & which paying highest commission for selling affiliate products .
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    There're many affiliate network such as CJ, shareasale, clickbank, impact radius,...You can join any of them to start your business.
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      Clickback is the most known affiliate marketplace, some product/vendor willing to pay up to 70% commision.
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    Maxbounty is the best in the market.
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    There are different types of offers to promote as an affiliate. Many already mentioned. If you want to promote an offer then you can get the links so you get the credit for it. Max bounty is one i use, people take a desired action and you get paid, it's nice. Clickbank is another where you get a link and if your visitor buys you make money. I recommend going to muncheye.com if you want to promote make money online products as it is very lucrative, they have a launch calander so you can choose which to promote and then request approval to be an affiliate, go to the products JV page and check the funnel to see whats available to be paid out to you if you get a sale.
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    Most of the newbie start with Clickbank.

    Why? cause it's the easier, most reliable, and have a lot of tutorials.

    Try it. The jvzoo.

    Then all the others.

    Clickbank pays 75%, you can't expect more.

    But the problem is not the platform, the problem is makin a list of potential buyers : you have to find a niche and collect people's mail address interested in that niche, of the solution you give and THEN sell.

    BUT you have also to see if there are enough product in your niche to sell.

    If clickbank does not have products, amazon too, it's not a good niche, shift to another one.
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    The site I would recommend is Affilorama. If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn from one of the best then Affilorama is your site. The site is run by a Clickbank Guru from Australia named Mark Ling who was a black hat genius when he first started. Now, he put together a website for people to learn affiliate marketing for free. Picture thousands of dollars of courses for free. Literally receive your Bachelors degree in affiliate marketing for free.
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    It's not about the platform is about the product itself...
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    Vidas is correct.

    The network that has the product or products you think you can promote and convert. You are not limited to one network. Join several if they have what you need


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    For long term passive income Amazon affiliate is great and smart online business ever
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    There are so many affiliate networks today that is really hard to choose the right one. You will need to know before everything what kind of business are you running and exact products that you planing to offer.
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    You can try ClickBank.com, why ClickBank because they provide a great Commision which makes users happy.So just go for it
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    Shareasale and Impactradius works great for me. I am using it and there is no problem with them at all. They have advertisers in all most every niche.

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    If you are familiar with Shareasale and Impactradius just go it.If you get some time then only you should go to Clickbank.com
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    I'd say set up some Amazon niche site and sign up Amazon Associate for a long term affiliate business.
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    if you are finding it difficult to get approved to top affiliate network. You may check the review of affiliate network at affpub.
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    You have to identify which audience your platform uses. You need to run a few test to figure this out . There is no one size fits all . For example the products and service that your provide might be useful to your twitter audience but totally irrelevant to your facebook audience.
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    Don't drive yourself nutz over this. Since you're having a problem picking one, i will pick one for you:

    - Clickbank

    There you go.

    P.S. It doesn't matter what affiliate network you join. If your marketing sucks, you wont make money. Dont go after the affiliate network, go after the starving crowd.
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  • I would go with clickbank and jvzoo.

    Clickbank give you your link immediately which is great. Products are usually a little more reputable.

    JVZoo has everything. A lot more products. You don't usually get a link right off. Sometimes a few days after.
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