What are the best niche for blogging for instant earning?

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I want to start my career in blogging. Can u suggest me which one is the best keyword for getting good results and which selected keyword getting rank good in less time?
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    Niche? That's very difficult to say. But generally you can start with anything in these area: practical software, children toys and any adult related things.

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    There is no such thing as "instant earning" with blogging. It's going to take you some time to build an audience no matter what niche you choose.

    What do you already know something about? What are your skills, your hobbies or at least your interests?

    What is your budget for paid traffic?

    Find where your knowledge intersects a paying market.

    Do some keyword research. It's not up to us to do that for you. A "best niche" doesn't exist. It's about finding the best niche for YOU. We have no idea what that is.

    Use the search function of this forum and search for all the threads on building a blog that already exist.

    Then come back and ask us specific questions.

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    You will have to figure out a way to get targeted traffic to your offer (website). That is the only way to get instant earnings. It doesn't matter what you are promoting. It's all the same.

    Get qualified traffic (buyers) to your site.

    You have to advertise your product in the right place. You have to promote your site in the right places. You have to optimize your site as best you can for SEO, because you want to attract site visitors who are interested in your information and product.

    I don't even want traffic to my site if they aren't interested in what I have to offer.
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    Originally Posted by roneidaselva View Post

    I want to start my career in blogging.

    Everything begins with defining an audience and learning what problems, desires, and wants they have. You are able to define your audience by doing keyword research of the markets online. Make use of the "search" function here at the forum and you will find lots of advice on how to do it.

    Blogging is not the fastest way to begin making money, but if you have a budget to buy paid advertising you can shorten the time it takes to begin getting traffic to your blog.

    No one can tell you what niche to enter - that is a decision the business owner makes according to his/her knowledge, experience, skills, interests, and training. Position your business to take advantage of what you already know and can share with others who like similar things.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I think you should go for general health tips.
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    People pay for things they value. If you get into the 'best niche for instant earnings" you dream off but cannot add value, you won't make money.

    So, instead of looking for the the 'best niche for instant money' why not look for a niche where you already have the skills to add value.

    For instance, there are people who make money blogging about trading dollars and yens and such and others who don't know enough about trading dollars and yens and such to make a penny, yet others who will never know enough about it to make money.

    Also, it's not only about the niche, it's about your ability to market your blog. So, maybe you pick a less-money-but-less-competiton niche so you have a better chance of getting some of the pie (0 bites of a very big and rich pie leaves you hungry; a few bites from a small one can fill you up).

    The first step, though - the very first, firstest step? Stop thinking about the best and stop thinking about instant money. Good is good enough. There is no earning instant money. Quick, yes, there are ways that are faster than others... blogging is not one of them... but, within blogging, some approaches are better... For that, think first and don't think about best and instant.
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    I think it really depends on you. If you're looking for instant earnings then chances are you won't find it.

    Go for a niche that is evergreen and interests you.
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    Originally Posted by roneidaselva View Post

    I want to start my career in blogging. Can u suggest me which one is the best keyword for getting good results and which selected keyword getting rank good in less time?
    I'm thinking you havent been active here on WF for a long time - judging by the 2011 join date.

    Bottom line, nobody's going to do your homework for you. In fact once they discover the answer you're looking for, they're going to keep it to themselves so that they can profit and add another income stream to their business. Time to go back to the basics. Use the search function above to look for blogging posts that are meaningful and purposeful for you.
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    Randy (above) has a $1 ebook deal that is pretty sweet

    why not buy the ebook package, and give away a free ebook on the blog post when they sign up for your newsletter

    then you can email them about latest blog updates
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    Instant earnings? Rob a bank. Then make a blog about the experience.
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    You can earn instantly in blogging only if you are copywriter for hire...
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  • Learn SEO. This is a very useful skill nowadays.
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    None. Absolutely. None.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Choose Low Competition and high Searches Keyword For Google Adsense earning or Go ForOne Niche To get huge Earning Via Amazon Affiliate Marketing
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    Originally Posted by roneidaselva View Post

    which one is the best keyword for getting good results and which selected keyword getting rank good in less time?
    I just happen to know the exact key phrase. I'm going to let you have it free of charge because that's just the stellar kind of guy I am.

    Here it is: "Dating website for Djungarian hamsters of Jewish descent on leave from the Russian armed forces."

    You will make a fortune!

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    It's depend on your skill and activity . Which related things you know well and fell pleasure . Thats things is better for your niche. Because google hate the cut copy writting .
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  • The make money online niche is highly competitive niche to be in, so don't start there in that niche until you fully understand what you are doing.

    The best niche to start in, is usually a niche you already know you have some form of experience or expertise in.

    Most would say start blogging about what you are passionate about, but also make sure it's a profitable niche where you are targeting buyer keywords for each of your blog posts.
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    The only way you are going to get close to instant income with no experience, and just starting out, is by promoting a VERY HIGH CONVERTING AFFILIATE PRODUCT and pay for TARGETED traffic, and that could be expensive to get.

    Words grab attention, and words produce emotions, words move to action, words are your key to success. www.WriteRoadToSuccess.com

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    First of all blogging & instant earning should not be in the same sentence. Blogging is a great way to build an almost endless supply of traffic to your offer. That being said, it may take years to build up the audience before you start seeing endless traffic.

    As far as a niche, go with the one that you are most knowledgeable about and have the most passion about.


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    There are many niche for blogging. You should choose the Niche where you are expert. Which Niche you know very well. So I suggest you to start the niche where you are skilled. Thanks for your asking.
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    Fashion, Travelling, Economy but of course those are just the general words and blogging topics which you need to combine with something unique if you wish to get any good results. Try to combine some topics and words which are not so common in use.
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    It's very difficult to say . But If you know more about technology it's still less competition . You may apply this niche. But remember google hate cut copy paste post. So you need to avoid it
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    instant earning does not exist. As same as the saying that goes, there is no such thing as overnight success. If you are looking for a niche then what are you passionate about? The best niche will depend on what you like to do.
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    Start with CPA affiliate marketing for instant earning. You can promote jon offers, loans, insurance etc
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    It's a whole course.

    Better sign up to affilorama and earn from 0.

    BUT...isnt it better to learn email marketing which can cash out better and faster?
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