Does serving both HTTP and HTTPS affect ranking

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Does serving both HTTP and HTTPS versions of a domain cause duplicate content issue or ranking issue?

My site is accessible by both HTTP:// and HTTPS://
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    Why are you asking this question?

    If your site does any money related transactions then go for https otherwise don't its simple as that.
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    Hey @vinc156

    Is having 2 slices of toast make any difference

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    If you really want your business make great, don't forget and ignore all the steps which make website negative and defect in ranking. Never underestimate the power of google updates.
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    Only if you have any cart or transaction involved.

    Your https has to be 3rd certified, no easy and cost.

    If you don't have any transaction involved, you don't have cart etc, you can skip for now.
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    Basically, with http you dont have security certificate instaled.
    And with https you have security certificate.
    Many hosting providers offer free SSL for first year. And as far as i know, no mater does you have transaction on your site or not, SSL is always welcome to have, and google salute to that.
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    User can feel better security by using SSL on your website. If someone doesn't get any safety on your site then how can they come into your website.
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    Yes, it effects. Go for a appropriate canonical tag
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    Just to let you know Hawkhost, which is my hosting provider, supports the use of free SSL Certificates on any/all domains and for an unlimited amount of time. The Certificates come from a project that is run by the Linux Foundation, automatically renews every 3 months, and the project is supported by Google, Facebook and other big name companies to make it easy for all websites to run on https which is for the best for everybody. Even if you aren't doing transactions. Also, Google has publicly stated that they are taking the fact that a site is https as a ranking signal.
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    Https is of course always better option then Http. Find the right certificate for your website and you will solve the problem. In case that you need something basic then SSL will work nicely but if you wish some better check out with your domain and hosting operators in order to give you advice.
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    Yes, as per Google algorithm updates - Search engine will give more priority in indexing for website having HTTPS in their domain name.
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    but why you dont do redirection? it is a easy steps to redirect to HTTP to HTTPS.
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    *If you are having the same content and web pages in both HTTP and HTTPS version, then you will face the duplicate content issues. Keep HTTPs version and make 301 redirection for all HTTP pages to corresponding HTTPs pages.
    *Add canonical tags to all the HTTPs pages.
    *If you keep your website in both version, Google will treat your website as having duplicate content and it will cause your rankings in search results.
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    Basically HTTPs uses for security purpose. So if you have cart service then you need HTTPs otherwise you can use HTTP. If your website open with both then Google will treat as a spam.
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    Search engine like google will take both http and https version of the website as the separate website. So duplicate content issue will remain there. So it is the best practice to migrate website from http to https.
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    Considering their user-based rule updates, Google preference for trusty sites isn't shocking. If users are certain to have a secure website expertise, the solution to Http vs HttpS becomes easy -- they're going to like HTTPS to HTTP.
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    No, it is only affecting that website which has the transaction. But We have to go for an appropriate canonical tag.
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