How I can rank my new website ?

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Recently, I launch my new service base website.
I want to rank my keywords on google first page.
What's steps do i need to follow?
I already done on page seo.

Thank you in advance
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  • After On page seo you need to follow off page seo. In that you need to create backlinks of your website and by that backlinks you will get traffic for your website.
    You can create backlinks by performing following steps:
    Directory submissions.
    Classified Ads.
    Social bookmarking.
    Guest Postings.
    Business listing.
    Artical Submissions.
    Forum chat.
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      Thank you.
      do you think that Directory submissions and Social bookmarking working for rank on my keywords?
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        Dear I want to know something about "Business listing" how can i do it and where to go.
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            time to be change.. Google will approve listing with in 5 minutes.
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              but verification will be pending.!! because we have to wait for the postcard for the code.

              or you want to say that now no postcard needed?
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  • Hi Lfnwitharif,

    You need to work on off page SEO mostly Backlinks should be strong.
    All the best buddy.
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      Which off page strategy should i follow?
      Free back links working well?
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  • You can go with OnPage and OffPage SEO. It's a better idea, I think.
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      I already done on page seo.
      Now, i want to know how i start my off page seo?
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      Hello Everyone,

      If i am searching my website google index pages like
      site:website URL
      then per day my website indexing page decreasing. Can anyone suggest me.
      How can i resolve this problem?

      Waiting for your reply
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      How do i create quality backlinks?
      Also, My website is service base company.
      How I can make backlinks?
      Can you provide me step by step guidelines ?

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  • For ranking your website it is necessary to create backlinks for your website. Start doing off-page SEO and create quality backlinks for your website. Use appropriate keywords and it will improve your ranking.
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    my thought mind best SEO is the option for you. regularity, Original Content, Hardwork is important ...
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    How do i create quality backlinks?
    Also, My website is service base company.
    So, I don't provide regular content.
    How I can make backlinks?
    Can you provide me step by step guidelines ?

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    regular work on your website .and if your domain is new then, Create quality backlinks or add your website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc
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    By doing seo of you website which includes both on-page and off-page seo.
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    I guess you could focus more on SEO and do backlinks on site with at least 60 or higher domain authority.
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    You must do some Off page activities such as Press release, Blog posting, Article Submission, social bookmarking etc with Unique and Good quality content which help to get good ranking for website
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    Write and submit a keyword focused press release. This press release will rank pretty well for a certain keyword. I had really good results with PR Web a few years ago. It is expensive but it works.
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    1. Start a blog page in the website if don't have.
    2. Write high quality article with yoast seo plugin and make sure every necessary option is green in readability and keywords section.
    3. Post high quality article on other blog with your keywords and get back link.
    4. Increase social signals and drive more traffic and show search engine that the page is important to people.
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    Below are few latest Off-page SEO methods that can help to rank your website...

    1. Social Bookmarking
    2. Article Marketing
    3. Press Release Distribution
    4. Blogging
    5. Forum Posting
    6. Business Listing
    7. Classified Submission
    8. Search Engine Submission Etc.
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    Great. Your website will start getting crawled now. Start with off page SEO which includes social bookmarking, forum posting, blog posting, classifieds and business listing. Gradually, your website will start getting position in the search engine.
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    One of my website Enkay Solar power System I also launch this one just before 7 days i have done on page seo and the almost half work is done by the on page seo and my site is ranking in some keywords - solar panel manufacturer, solar panel manufacturer in noida in first and second page so you can done a huge part of seo done by the on page SEO.

    Now if we talk about the off seo first thing you have to done that is Create the credential for your website such as Facebook and similar site and Blog Sites like Wordpress and Image sharing, Slide sharing, Video sharing and backlinks creation these all activity help to you promote your website.
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    It's a common question about SEO ranking, I have question to you,

    Have you checked your On-page SEO errors?

    This is the following steps

    1) Check your coding error by using w3 validator tools

    2) Check your site speed by Google Insight speed checker tools, since now more than 70% people are using mobile, you should increase site speed minimum 70, out of 100 and desktop 80% plus

    3) The another most important factor is optimizing title and meta description, Title length should be 63-65 Character and Description should be maximum 155 Character

    4) Check your all image and optimize by adding alternative text (ALT text)

    5) Check all posted URL has optimized such as URL)
    It should be

    6) Check your site structure, if visitor couldn't search your content times you must be punished by Google

    7) Create XML sitemap

    8) Sign up for Google Search Console(Formerly Webmaster tools)

    9) If your business will be local then complete Citation

    10) Enable Social Share and Plugin

    11) Add trust and security Encryption

    12) Create quality content, if your content will reach with information, I guaranteed your content and page will achieve SERPs with a week

    13) Finally, link with authority sites

    There are more tricks and tips I have, to know about me just search "best data driven marketing tools" or "top data driven marketing tools

    You will get my article "The Top 25 Data Driven Marketing Tools to Boost ROI in 2018" on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engine

    Thanks a lot to read my answer

    Dipankar Dey
    #SEO #search engine optimization, #Data Driven Marketing, #Online Marketing, #on page SEO
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    Focus on on-page optimization first. After completing it, for off-page purpose, focus on content marketing and social media optimization. It will give your website huge boost.
    PhoneBot Melbourne || Buy Mobile Phones in Australia
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    After On page completed, you need to focus on the off page activities for building high quality backlink.
    You can create backlinks by performing following steps:
    Social Bookmark.
    Classified Submission.
    Business Listing.
    Question and Answering.
    Article, Blog and Press Release Submission.
    PPT and PDF Submission.
    Guest Blogging.
    Blog Commenting.
    Forum etc.
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      this was really helpful thanks
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    If you are done with On page SEO that you should follow the some OFF page SEO activities which are below:
    1. ping submission
    2.high pr social bookmarking like Reddit, stumble upon etc.
    3.classifieds submission
    4. local business listing- if you are target India then do local business listing otherwise business listing.
    5. Write informative blog and publish your blog in high quality sites like hub pages etc.
    6.Press release submission posting
    8. Blog commenting-it is really effective and generate backlinks quickly.
    9. Google my business sharing
    10. directory submission
    Hope these will help you.
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    I think You can go with OnPage and OffPage SEO.
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    If you want to promote your website in social media, You can view the service Here
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    If you have done on page then you have to done off page like;
    press release
    article release
    PPt submission
    Directory submission
    social bookmarking submission
    Business listing
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    here are some guidelines which I follow, you may also try to these
    1. Create A Link Building Strategy
    2. Increase Your page and Site Speed
    3. Update Your Site Frequently
    4. Optimize For Long-Tail Keywords with low and medium competition
    Check out here:
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    You need to produce value based service that solves issues .If your "service' based website isn't addressing the issues of your visitors you will have trouble ranking for your chosen keywords.Both On and off page Seo optimization plays a major role too. you will also need to make sure that your theme aligns with your message.

    Lastly but most importantly you need to know that Google rewards value first. .
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    in SEO, you have to do on-site optimization also. So done with On-site optimization?
    first, you have to do
    1. On-site
    2. on-page
    3. off-page

    in off-page, you have to do link building. it can be contextual backlinks also.
    try to get relevant backlinks. it will be more beneficial.
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    SEO on-page is the essential part of seo. First Analyse your website, keyword analysis with high search volume and low competition, place the keyword in the Title, Page URL, meta keywords, meta description, H1 tag and place the 1-3 related keywords in the content, image alt property, and the page loading time is one of the major factor.

    After you can start off-page to increase the visible of your website in search engine search results page.
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    As I saw every time I see this type of question, keep is simple.

    Start with the on page and do a DEEP CRAWL of the site to find any and all issues. Once youve finished that you can create high authority backlinks and niche backlinks. After that create a small web2.0 pbn network about your niche and depending on the difficulty create a pbn or buy pbn links

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    For rank up keywords you have to research keywords which keywords are more popular and which keywords are more used for searching.

    Use long tail and short tail keywords, where it is necessary. You should choose keywords relevant to your site, suppose your site is about wearing clothes but you choose the keywords about graphics related then it wont work, so choose keywords very carefully. Again if you choose highly competitive keywords then it could be very difficult get ranked in search engine, so choose normal keywords where competition level are low. Add sitemap in search engine tools, then it will crawl a website quickly.
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    Hi, A great starting point if you have already done your onpage seo properly is to concentrate on a fully optimized GMB listing (Google My Business), citations and keep your business information consistent on every citation, and quality backlinks!
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    If you have a new website and you want to rank your website by ranking your keywords on google first page. Firstly, try to generate backlinks and do regular SEO activities by publishing blog posts and different ways of search engine optimization off-page process. Try to include a keyword in your blog posts that will automatically give rise to the ranking of keywords on Google page.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    Hi. if you want to rank your new website, you must prepare to sacrifice your time to produce good and valuable content that help people at large. Such hard work must be consistent without expecting any good returns for at least two years until people know you pretty well in the market.

    FB and Google are most influencing besides You Tube, Instagram etc. Try it and see the results for yourself.
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    You need to SEO Onpage first, then creat links back to your website and put them in socail media, classified ads. You need to create backlinks hard and submit them when the product is launching.
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    1). Community Creation in Social Networking Sites

    Also known as online reputation management, this is the first and foremost step with which you have to initiate your process. Try to become a member of the most popular social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Linked In, Ecademy, etc., and create a profile of your own. By doing this you can extend your network online, get connect with your friends, share things with each other, and promote your company/website to build an online reputation. This is most likely the same as Web 2.0 (Participatory Web), which means you have to show your active participation on a regular basis.

    2). Blogging

    This is one of the most powerful ways to promote your company/website online. Write a blog of your own for your company/website and include lots of unique content. Be precise in what you're trying to convey for the users in your blog entry and promote your blog in blog directories and blog search engines. You can also promote your blog/website by posting comments in other service-related blogs which allow links in the comments section that are crawlable by the search engines (these blogs are commonly identified as Do-Follow Blogs). If you're not very good at writing content for blog posts, hire a guest blogger for your blog and ask him/her to write precise and unique content so that your blog can gain more credit from a search engine point of view.

    3). Forum Postings

    Create a forum/online discussion board of your own and start a discussion or share topics with your friends. You can also post/reply to a thread in other service-related pre-existing forums that allow links in your signature which can be crawled by the search engines (aka "Do-Follow Forums").

    4). Search Engine Submission

    Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc., to get listed for free.

    5). Directory Submission

    Many people may say that directory submission is dead. As far as I'm concerned it is still alive. It is purely based on how effectively we are selecting those directories and how efficiently we are choosing the category for submission. Of course, I agree that it gives quite delayed results, but it is worth doing it. Submit your websites to the topmost quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZoomInfo, One Mission, Pegasus, etc. Nowadays many web directories may offer paid listings but don't go for it.

    6). Social Bookmarking

    Social Bookmarking is yet another powerful way of promoting your website, but nowadays most people are spamming social bookmarking sites without knowing how to use them. Since content in these websites update frequently, search engines like these types of sites and often visit them (this is commonly termed as Tagsonomy & Folksonomy in Web 2.0). Do some social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller, etc. You should be very careful while doing this and you must properly handle the tags which are very essential to broadcast your news on a wide area network. This may increase your website traffic based on how effectively you have participated.

    6). Link Exchange

    Exchange links with service-related websites (this is commonly termed as Thematic Link Exchange) that can help increase your link popularity, which is a major factor of Google's PageRank algorithm. Beware of Black-Hats while doing exchanges.

    7). Link Baiting

    Suppose you have copied/published another website's news or content in your blog/website. Don't forget to place their website link as a reference. Do it for others and, if your content is trustworthy, let others do it for you. This is another way to increase your link popularity.

    8). Cross-Linking

    Link to internal pages within your site wherever necessary (this is commonly termed Internal Linking). This increases your internal link popularity ,which is another major factor of Google Page Rank algorithm. The best known example of successful internal linking is Wikipedia. Also try to get a content link from websites/blogs that are related to your site theme. Try getting a link from within their site content using a targeted keyword as anchor text (much like Wikipedia does). We know that this strategy can often be hard to implement, but these types of links have more weight from a search engine point of view.

    9). Photo Sharing

    Publish/share your website product pictures and make them public. Let your friends see them and comment on them too, which will help drive traffic towards your website. Do this in major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, etc.

    10). Video Promotions

    Like with photo sharing, you can publish/share your product videos, expert opinions, and reviews of your product and make them public in YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.

    11). Business Reviews

    Write reviews about others businesses or ask your friends/clients to write a review of your business in major business review sites like RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder, etc.

    12). Local Listings & Yellow Pages

    Instead of going global and facing huge competition, make your website local so that search engines can easily view your website and fetch the content. This will help you to reach a targeted audience. Submit your website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Superpages, Hotfrog, etc.

    13). Article Submission

    Write articles of your own and submit them to popular article sites like Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, Buzzle, etc. This will help you to attain some deep links for your website (though it's usually a slower process).

    14). Press Release Promotion

    If you are a business/service provider then go for PR submission in popular PR websites like 1888pressrelease, Open PR, PR Leap, etc. This will help you to publish your site in Google News.

    15). Classifieds Submission

    Do some classifieds submissions to advertise your products for free. Try Craigslist and other major classifieds sites like Kugli, Myspace, iMadespace, Vivastreet, etc.

    16). Social Shopping Network

    If you own an e-commerce website, this is a good strategy for advertising and easily branding your products for free. Submit your products to Google Product Search, Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Online Shopping, and other major social shopping network sites like Kaboodle, Style Feeder, Wists, Five Limes, Buzz Shout, Ohmybuzz, etc.

    17). Answers

    Participate in Answers by asking and answering relevant questions and placing a link to your website in the source section if necessary. If you don't spam, this is another great way to increase your link popularity (Yahoo Answers, Cha-Cha, Answer Bag, etc.)
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  • Follow Diversified Links Strategy:

    Unique Content - Articles and Descriptions for Blogs, Bookmark and Tier 2 Submissions
    Quality Blog Submissions
    Edu Links Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions
    Profile Links Submissions
    High DA/TF Blogs Submissions
    High RD Blogs Submissions
    Social Media Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions of High DA Blogs
    Social Media Submissions of High DA Blogs

    15% Main Keywords
    40-45% LSI (8-10 Types of LSI)
    Rest - Naked URLs/Branded Names
    Drip Feed


    Anchor text is "exact match" if it includes a keyword that mirrors the page that is being linked to. For example: 'link building' linking to a page about link building.

    Anchor text that includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. For example: 'link building strategies' linking to a page about link building.

    A brand name used as anchor text. For example: 'BHW' linking to an article on the BHW Forum.

    Naked Link
    A URL that is used as an anchor '' is a naked link anchor.

    A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. "Click here" or "Read more" is a common generic anchor.

    Whenever an image is linked, Google will use the text contained in the image's alt attribute as the anchor text.

    Hope that works for your website and improves google ranking.

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  • You can create backlinks by performing following steps:
    Social Bookmarking.
    Classified Submission.
    Business Listing.
    Question and Answering.
    PPT and PDF Submission.
    Article and Blog posting.
    Blog Commenting.
    Forum posting
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    Firstly analysis your website content is this appropriate according to your keywording. After that start doing on-page of the website and if you done with on-page, then create a quailty backlinks for targeted keyword and it will definitely improve your ranking.
    Repusurance helps you to fix all the online reputation problems faced by your business and individuality.
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    Originally Posted by lrnwitharif View Post

    Recently, I launch my new service base website.
    I want to rank my keywords on google first page.
    What's steps do i need to follow?
    I already done on page seo.

    Thank you in advance
    I think you already complete most of major step..
    So now you need off page SEO and must remember that you should make some amount of strong backlink which definitely help you ranking..
    Best of luck
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  • 9 simple ways to rank your new website is :-
    1. Get to know the Google ranking algorithm
    2. Assess your current search ranking
    3. Track and measure the right metrics
    4. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
    5. Diagnose and fix your current penalties
    6. Do keyword research
    7. Perfect your on-page SEO
    8. Use your keywords to create great content
    9. Build links the right way
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    After you have done with your onpage seo .You should concentrate on offpage seo.And if you want instant results you can opt with paid campaigns like fb ads and google ads.If you dont want go for paid option then do blog sharing and create a unique content
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  • How to know Quality Backlinks or not ?
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  • Profile picture of the author adapaya
    I feel you must focus on creating content regularly , never over backlinking, especially when you have plan to sell a product or service
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  • Profile picture of the author Md Wasim Rana
    So first of all, are you using a CMS like WordPress, Joomla or something else? If so then WordPress has a plugin called SEO Yoast you can install that under plugins and start writing quality contents and configure the focus keyword and other stuffs what you will get from the plugin.

    So here quality contents and focusing keywords is the main thing. Once you are done with that then start creating backlinks and build some links.

    Share your URL on a Facebook page also all other social medias you want. One other thing SEO is not a one day or two days work. Keep going never be frustrated and you will win the race.

    All the best.
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  • Profile picture of the author Soumya Shrivastav
    To rank high on search engine pages, combination of onpage SEO and offpage SEO work better. Few steps are
    1. To put high quality content.
    2. Article submission
    3. Guest posting
    4. Social Bookmarking.
    5. Website accessibility.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tyreece Cox
    Try to work on building backlinks
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  • Profile picture of the author Cybernetmarket
    One thing I do to increase DA/PA is to buy an expired domain with good metrics and then 301 the domain to your money site. Only do this one time. If you want to buy other expired domains to 301 point them at the first one you directed to your money site. I do this instead of using PBN's which is a pain to keep track off.

    New To Internet Marketing? Need some Help? check out my free course "Easy Online Marketing" Everything is totally FREE except for website hosting :-) It all starts by taking action

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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    Do not forget buddy; patience, patience, patience. Even if you followed solid advice from day 1 a year ago, you still may not rank. No worries. Believe in you. See the process through.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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  • Profile picture of the author unisecureus
    Work on On page and Off page.
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  • Profile picture of the author jennytrump
    Following approach help you to rank your website on google search
    1. Publish Relevant Content
    2. Update Your Content Regularly
    3. Metadata
      • Title Metadata
      • Description Metadata
    4. Have a link-worthy site
    5. Use alt tags
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    • Profile picture of the author Sioh Boon Yap
      Originally Posted by jennytrump View Post

      Following approach help you to rank your website on google search
      1. Publish Relevant Content
      2. Update Your Content Regularly
      3. Metadata
        • Title Metadata
        • Description Metadata
      4. Have a link-worthy site
      5. Use alt tags
      Hi Jenny. Thanks for your sharing. In order for anyone to rank their articles in Google, one got to be very consistent of posting good quality content. As I learnt from my mentor, the recommendation shall be at least twice a week and once you have good audience to read your articles, Google would automatically rank your articles at first page of the search engine. Hope it helps.
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    Originally Posted by lrnwitharif View Post

    Recently, I launch my new service base website.
    I want to rank my keywords on google first page.
    What's steps do i need to follow?
    I already done on page seo.

    Thank you in advance
    Start with website overall structure and load time install Google Lighthouse Chrome Extension for the complete and detailed report.

    Write one detailed homepage details where you try to mention all your necessary keywords in it, e.g your brand name and service details.

    Push your website on social media sites e.g share your deals or details in relevant Facebook groups.
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  • Profile picture of the author zainsultan
    Start quality work

    Create good quality back-links
    Social bookmarking authority sites
    Social Media
    Blog Comments
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    • Profile picture of the author Sioh Boon Yap
      Originally Posted by zainsultan View Post

      Start quality work

      Create good quality back-links
      Social bookmarking authority sites
      Social Media
      Blog Comments
      Thanks Zain. If you want to rank your keywords in google first page, you have to be consistent to post good articles every week at least two a week. Do it consistently for three months and see the results. If you have a lot of readers, continue your activities and post more articles. Within 6 months, I believed you would see the results. Hope it helps
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