I have an e book that I want to sell...

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It's niche market but has done very well over the years. (A non fiction guidebook to Joining the French Foreign Legion) It was originally in print form and sold all over the world via a website. It is now on Amazon Kindle and still sells a few copies each month without lifting a finger.

In the right hands it could do very well. (More young men every year coming of age or at a point in life that they want to join)

I need the cash to start a different venture...

My question is - How much is the going rate for an e book. The book is around 30,000 words - of international appeal. Could be translated into other languages. Has sold 3,500 copies since around 1995. The editions done so far. The cover looks dated at the moment. It is out of print at the moment but available only on Amazon Kindle.

I know it's impossible to put an exact figure on it - but just give me a rough idea please...

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  • If the book is only selling a few copies a month then I would not change the price unless it's below $2.99. if the price is below that than I would raise it to $2.99. You can convert the book to paperback and audible via Createspace and ACX.

    With Createspace you can choose a higher price and make more than you are for the ebook. For example, if the book does not have a lot of pictures and your price is for $12 than you will make about $4-4.50.

    If you sell the book on ACX the price is picked for you but at least you will have the book on all 3 platforms.
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  • I definitely agree that you should have your book in multiple formats. Kindle book, paperback book and audio book.

    You can charge $10 or more for your paperback book, if the kindle version of the book's price is only $2,99
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    30,000 words??? That's more like a pamphlet bro. And only 3,500 copies in 23 years?? That's barely 153 books a year.

    Your niche of wannabe warriors is a bit out there - are this group known to spend money on ventrues such as this? Don't they illegally pirate everything anway?

    My advice to you is to go into this as a learning experience and use it as a way to sell other ebooks and other niches - once you have the process of ebook marketing down, you can rince/repeat ad nauseum.

    I would price that at $0.99 on Kindle - no way you'd pay $10 on paperback for 30,000 words lol

    You could even use it as a free way to capture leads on a website selling other military related stuff - might be a better investment for your money.
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    You would take the yearly profit then times it by 2-y times at max and that is your selling price.
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