Blogging Profit Within 3 Months - Possible? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bloggers,

So in the past I've had some good success creating and selling my own products however I am looking to set something a little more passive up.

I am thinking about starting a blog and finally building a list with the ultimate aim of promoting some recurring.affiliate offers.

Hopefully after a year or so I will be climbing towards a quite healthy monthly recurring income.

Ok so what I'd like to know is, is a three month time scale of regular posting enough time to start seeing some list subscribers and profits no matter how small.

I will be operating in the gambling niche where I already have a quite successful product so my first phase is to get people on my list and promote my own product.

Then in the follow up series I would be working with 3 select affiliate offers which are quite popular and offer a monthly recurring affiliate program.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. The more the better.


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    Assuming that you:

    1) Have a pop up for signing up in your list in EVERY post (better if the pop up is different according to post topic)

    2) Have during the post a banner or native ad to sign up in your list

    3) Have a minimum of 30 day follow up sequence PLUS email daily with the new update in your niche and news commenting (for having news just set up google alert for this)

    4) Have also an exit pop up.

    5) Have an OPT IN PAGE with a thank you page where you don't merely say "thank you" but you also endorse your lower ticket affiliate product.

    Yes, you can. BUT:

    1) Use Seo also: if you cant do it, cause you are quite busy in posting valuable posts, you can outsource it to a blackhatworld white seo agency, choose one different every month so you can spread links built in various sites. Do not use GSA.

    2) Use commenting in your forum niche to add value.

    3) Promote every post with Facebook Ads: yes, it's costly but it's an INVESTEMENT traffic, you could get back, expecially in the back end, a lot more
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    Hi Steve,

    You can, but I would give like 99.9999% of your attention to giving (guest posting, posting to your blog, genuine blog commenting, assisting people on forums, building bonds with top bloggers, podcasts, videos) and like .000001% on getting (turning profits in 3 months), as the profits flow to generous, detached folks who give like no thought to profits and all thoughts to service.

    The offers will sell when you make your blogging campaign about about creating helpful content and building connections with established bloggers, by helping them out.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Yes, it is VERY POSSIBLE


    Just copy the content strategy (not the specific content) of your niche competitors

    Reverse engineer their social media presence

    Share content using the same channels they are using

    Do blogger outreach

    With enough elbow grease, you can start earning GOOD MONEY by Month 2 to Month 3

    It helps you promote higher paying offers like CPA
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    Take it slow. The last thing you want to become in life is the person who checks their income balance as soon as they wake up. Learn the basics, and you dont need a get rich blogging ideal mindset to make money. If 5 years from now you're making $5k/month with your blog, would you look back and say that the slow learning process now was worth it?
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    Within three months?

    If your plan is to get SEO traffic then, it is not going to happen soon. Blogging takes time but it is worth it. I am doing that the last 15 months.

    Building a list and monetizing it with affiliate offers are two great and profitable ideas. Here is an article that could help you:
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