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I have quite a few questions:
  • how many affiliate links are OK to have on a page or post?
  • Can I have repeated links on the page?
  • What about resources pages?
  • Any other guidelines or tips?
  • Also a related question about wording for the links...

Let me give you some scenarios:

Scenario 1: Imagine I make a post with a tutorial video (embed from my YT channel). Then on the post below the video I also write out the tutorial info -- intro, details about the topic, what materials and tools you'll need, all of the steps in the how-to for the task, added tips at the bottom, and so on.

If for example there are 10 things listed in the "what you'll need" section, would it be uncalled for to affiliate link all 10? Is there a good reason for or against linking as many things as possible?

Can I have repeated affiliate links, for example link a product near the top of the article as an image, then also link it as text in the list of what you'll need to complete the tutorial...?

Scenario 2: I make a resources page with a bunch of products relevant to the niche that I use all the time. Maybe I even split the resources page up into different pages that are more like categories (tools page, supplies page, materials page).. On those pages, assuming I give a photo and some helpful text info about each item, can I just have a whole bunch of affiliate links?

Are there any general guidelines for making these kind of decisions? I want to maximize the possible sales by giving people the opportunity to click on anything that they may need, but I don't want it to seem super spammy, and I don't want Google to kick my ass either.

Semi-related question: would you suggest any specific terminology be used next to or as part of the affiliate link / button? For example "buy now" / "shop now" / "view on amazon"... ? And would the recommendation be different for the tutorial article example vs the resource page example?

My instinct says the tutorial links would be better left as the product title, but the resources ones should have sales terminology. What do you think?

Any other beginner tips for affiliate marketing / linking would be appreciated.

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  • how many affiliate links are OK to have on a page or post?
    Google doesn't specify that, but for a post that is 1000 words long, some optimal number is 5-7 links.
    Can I have repeated links on the page?
    Yes, of course.
    What about resources pages?
    Resource pages are a great way of promoting your pages, even on other sites that are in your niche.
    Any other guidelines or tips?
    Maybe you should try combining AdSense (or some other) and Affiliate Marketing. Also, optimize your pages for SEO, so that you can get more people on your sales pages.
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    Yes of course you can and you should have more affiliate links of products related to the topic of the article AND

    pop up for building your email list.

    Without gettin a mess, focus on choose a good topic, build a list, nurture with article and sell with good items
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    Unfortunately this is often an art and not a science. Try to have as many links as it looks natural. You don't want to have a site full of just links and little content. You'll need to experiment and see what works out better.
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    I'm trying to figure this out too. I've been sticking with what looks natural, in terms of where would a link feel unobtrusive and like it belongs there.

    Just starting out myself!
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