Seeking some advice! on new Facebook account and fan page for affiliate marketing!

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1. I was told to prep the facebook account by running a $5 a day for 7 days to begin the billing process.
2. after this billing ends, then start posting your ads with links to your landing page. (non cloaked)

My first question is: do you guys name the fan page around the domain you purchased or just around the niche your targeting?

My second question is : since I am also not cloaking any links i post on facebook since i purchased my domain and sending then to a landing page first. is this the recommended approach or is cloaking recommended.
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    I cloak my affiliate links to make them look better when they are clicked and to hide which affiliate company they originate from

    and also You can go either way in doing your fan pages as I have my fan page based on my company But I've also had a fan page based on bartending when I was a bartender some time ago

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    We would need more info to help. What are you planning on promoting? Why do you need to cloak? The more details the more we can help.
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      To be clear in my post when I mentioned cloaker I meant a redirection cloaker such as (noipfraud, fraudfilter, etc) using a safesite/ php script.

      I am trying to promote in the nutra vertical. Diet Pills to be exact.
      I have my affiliate link cloaked embedded in my landing page. Just to hide the ugly affiliate link. I setup my lander to tailor my FB fan page as my angle using (logo and some images changed) But I am not using a redirection cloaker such as (noipfraud, fraudfilter, etc).

      I hear Facebook is banning people promoting diet pills for misguided landers. But my approach is having my Facebook ad title the same as my lander title.
      Will I get banned for this approach?
      Or Should I use a redirection cloaker such as (fraudfilter, noipfraud) to fully cloak my funnel.
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        Hi JC.

        Would you be kind enough to share with us a couple do's and dont's in matters of facebook ads for nutra ? - targeting, visual, copy, etc
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  • I would run an ad that you can give something away for free to collect an email on an opt-in or landing page. Helpful info that someone that would buy your product could use. (You can pull this from the information about your affiliate product)

    They right after they receive the free item, you can send them a follow up email with some copy leading up to the affiliate link.

    You can play around with how to lead them to the affiliate link, but you should try and collect an email if you are going to sell affiliate products.

    If you have an email you can send other similar products to them.
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