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I have read from experienced bloggers that they don't use adsense or advertising from third party.
They suggest affiliate marketing or other means.

Please share your suggestions for blog monetizing other than advertising third party and affiliate marketing.

What is the best means to monetize a blog?
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    Originally Posted by mmm63787 View Post

    What is the best means to monetize a blog?

    Doesn't it really depend on the blog you have and the audience you serve? IMO, there is no one-size-fits-all best way to monetize a blog.

    Think about Adsense and third part ads. You make a few pennies when someone clicks away from your blog. Given the time and effort (and money if you do paid traffic to your blog), it is not smart or cost effective to send your traffic away!

    To me, the very best way to monetize your blog is by selling your own products right on site. Then you earn money for prospects without sending them away and you can continue to engage them. Plus, if they like your product, you can create a buyer's list with all sorts of options for future marketing (upsells, cross sells, etc).

    If you don't have your own product(s), you can always license a niche product, or pay to have one created for you. IMO, both these options are preferable to affiliate products where you send buyers away from your site.

    Just my opinion, of course,


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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      It is not smart or cost effective to send your traffic away!
      Thanks for making this point. It says everything why experienced bloggers don't suggest using adsense or third party ads.
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    Seriously don't mix Adsense with affiliate in the same site

    Better not use Adsense

    Yes, better use affiliate marketing, but you can earn a lot of money with email marketing: use blog to use for lead generation.
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    A product is a product, isn't it? You can make your own info-products (ex: ebooks), promote coaching, accept donations for a cause, build an email/blog list and promote adsense on your blog for the people who regularly visit your blog... and there's nothing wrong with affiliate offers also. Just make sure your content is good and fun, and that people on your list are visiting your blog ALOT over and over again on a daily basis.
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    Getting adequate income form AdSence, needs a very high traffic.
    Normally they make moeny from affilaite marketing and then they step up by selling they own digital products (ebooks & video courses) to increase alot more their income.
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    There are actually a lot of methods to monetize your blog and Adsense is one of that but Google Adsense works if your site is receiving lots of traffic. Another way to monetize it is to sell your services and products to your visitors.

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