Very Upset Please Help in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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Hii to all,
I am promoting Amazon products on Facebook by doing reviews on the blog (where I have put my Affiliate Link). I am boosting my boost on facebook but not any a single sale from past 3 months. I have spent about $25 till Now Please help how can get a sell?
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    it is frustrating and I can commiserate with you.

    Getting sales from Amazon can take a long time.

    I think it is best to see it as a long term process.

    One of my websites that has scroll saws as the main feature gets virtually no sales in the Summer, but it starts to pick up in November through to March, then virtually no sales again till the following Autumn.

    What I do is write articles in these months and just build the website up or concentrate on other websites.

    I would try and increase your reader base on Facebook by joining groups related to your topic, and spend less money, until you see what is working.

    Facebook is community based, so its good to try and become part of a community on there related to your niche.

    You could also start your own group and post articles that will interest people in your niche.

    Once you have a following people will start to trust you and you will have a greater chance of sales.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you are working with Facebook, why not create a group about the topic you are trying to get sales. Then talk to the group everyday, help them, answer questions...

    Then when you add a link, people know, like and trust what you're saying. And you can promote your blog articles as well.
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    We're going to need more info to help.
    How are you targeting?
    How many different ad copies have you tried?
    What's your ctr?
    How much are you paying (per click or cpm?)
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    It seems you have very less idea about Facebook advertising. I think you should have strong knowledge before investing money for any paid advertising.

    In paid advertising every step is important. For Fb ad targeting, ad copies, design or graphics, budget set, optimization, etc.

    You need to run different ads set for A/B test to understand which ad is most converting or bring expected result.

    Here I share a few link about Facebook advertising guides which help you a lot to start

    Definitely, there are a lot of guides from many experts. You also find many online courses on Udemy, Linda from beginner to advance level.

    Also, make sure your website's product review content is really informative and useful. Ad camping (if everything is okay ) will not succeed unless having a really convertible content.
    Niche Masterly - Get Revenue Generating Keywords For Your Niche Site.
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