How to generate more leads for your business by optimizing the website for search engines?

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How can I generate more leads for my online business by optimizing my site to make it friendly for search engines.
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    Here are my 5 methods on how to generate leads by optimizing the website:
    1. Check the current state of your website's lead generation. With this, you can track your success and know the areas that you need to improve.
    2. Improve your lead generation process. Learn your customer's behavior when they visit your site. Take note of your visitor's path.
    3. Optimize your site's appearance.
    4. Improve and add your landing pages.
    5. Make your "Thank you" page a lead. Also, include social media buttons.

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    To be honest, search engine optimization needs a lot of works to do and spend so much time optimizing the site. Keywords are so competitive and usually most of the potential clients are using the first page of search engine like google. Adwords is another way around on how to generate leads but you need to pay for certain keywords search. You also need to find leads on the website for potential clients then get their email address offering your products and services. Some small businesses in order for them to get leads, they buy promotional products and imprint them with their logo or text messages. Promotional items are a great way too for some they use it as a trade show giveaways for their events...well this is just only my idea as far as getting leads are concerned..thanks.
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    What I've practised is to analyse high traffic but low competition keywords using Keyword tool from Google.

    Then create unique content (meaning don't miss the obvious what other's are preaching but add your own insights into the topic). Create specific pages with proper keyword integration in the key positions. That's about
    the initial SEO.

    Now take the data from search console tool and and analyse the impressions and CTR rates and make optimisations to the Meta Title and Descriptions.

    After the CTR has improved, check the time on page data from Google Analytics again to see if you can reduce the bounce rates. What I mostly do is check where the readability may be a problem or the design aspect or simply add some images to hold the visitors for few more seconds.

    (Make sure that your content will go along with your Meta Description or your SERP rankings may fall down.)

    Then, with the decreased bounce rate, you can healthily assume that your content is above the par and good for lead generation. Here comes the part where you need to analyse the type of traffic and what type of bait will work for lead generation.

    If you are ranking on the informative keywords, ebooks or similar stuffs will be great. If you are ranking on buying intent keywords, discount offers or additional gifts will work great.

    Hope you'll let us know if you implement these techniques and (or implement some sales funnel too ) and what your observations are after the implementation.
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